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OCTOBER 3, 2018

RNC Chairwoman: Voters Want Results From Republicans, Not Resistance From Democrats MARIA BARTIROMO: Do you think that people are responding to just a good backdrop on the economy?

We just got the ADP number out, and actually it showed that in the month of September 230,000 jobs were created in the private sector and added to the economy versus an estimate of 185,000 – this news just breaking a few minutes ago. Of course we have the Labor Department’s number coming out on Friday, but you've got that, but you've also got the behavior on the left around the Kavanaugh hearing, did that change the backdrop for the Republicans or is it just a better backdrop in terms of the economy – what’s driving this? CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: I think the Kavanaugh hearings have energized our base, it has highlighted the obstructive nature of the Democrats. They only want to come to Washington to stop this President: resist, obstruct, delay, divide, dysfunction. Republicans are delivering on results. We have kick-started our economy; jobs are coming back; wages are up. People are feeling better; their lives are better. So it is a really clear choice: do you want results from Republicans, or resistance from Democrats? And I think voters are going to pick results every time.

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