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MAY 13, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CHEYENNE, WY - Ahead of the Special Legislative Session to be held later this week, the Wyoming Republican Party polled Republicans across the state to allow them to weigh in on the best way for the Wyoming Legislature to distribute the $1.25 billion dollars in CARES Act funds.  The survey was opened on April 23rd and closed May 1st. 

Wyoming Republicans were cohesive in their response that this funding should not continue to grow government but that government should stop spending. The answers continued to fall into line with one another, agreeing that it is time to open schools, the University of Wyoming and allow private businesses to operate business as usual. 

When asked how the legislature should deal with budget shortfalls the resounding answers were to reduce spending, reduce the size of government and reduce government programs. 

Finally, when asked what functions of government are most important to them as we emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown, Wyoming Republicans listed their top 3 priorities as: protection of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, protection of the right of private businesses to function and protection of the right to assemble. 

As the party of personal responsibility and limited government, Wyoming Republicans echo the sentiment of like-minded Americans around the nation who understand that it is time to consider the health of ourselves and others without allowing the economy to continue to be crippled as a result. 

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