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November 5, 2020

STEVE DOOCY: So obviously you still see a path for the President to win the White House for four more years?

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: We do. Arizona still has a significant amount of ballots that are out. They were Election Day or close to Election Day ballots where the President had a significant margin and Pennsylvania. So we feel like there is absolutely still a path and we're going to fight in these states where we are seeing voting irregularities. In Michigan, they kicked out our Poll Watchers and put up boards so we couldn't watch. I mean the amount of -- I would say cheating, I mean, I think it's wrong for them to kick out our folks so we can't watch the process -- is really unprecedented around the country. And then finding 35,000 ballots in the dead of night in the city of Detroit. Something is going on and we are going to get to the bottom of it.

Chairwoman McDaniel: Republicans Scored Major Wins Down Ballot, Defying Expectations

DOOCY: While the President had that flurry of rallies over the last couple of weeks, behind the scenes for the last couple of years, the RNC has been working on a Get Out The Vote ground game. and, you know, by all metrics, yours was super successful because on Election Day, according to our Director of Analysis, apparently Donald Trump won the Election Day balloting, people who cast their vote on Election Day all across the country, in every state except New York because so many people showed up that day, thanks to your door knocking and Getting Out The Vote methodology.

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Yeah. It worked. We kept Senate seats. We picked up seats in the House which no one expected. We won a Governor's race. we flipped a state legislative chamber and kept all the chambers they thought they were going to flip. I mean, Republicans turned out and they did for President Trump too. And that's how we are going to pursue these legal challenges, not just because we support President Trump, but we support the voters that stood hours in line that feel like they are being disenfranchised by votes being found in the middle of night. We just had it happen in Georgia. Some of our poll watchers are seeing some suspicious activity. We need to understand that, these clerks and these poll watchers should not be able to shut the door and shut down transparency. And that creates unrest. And those are the types of things that are wrong. We should all be able to watch the process so we can go back and say this was a fair election, and that's why we are suing in these states.

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