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March 2, 2020



Caucus and Convention season has arrived.

This is the time for the grassroots people who believe in our God- given rights to make their voices heard. The time honored process that serves a Republic well is in motion.  Every county party in our great state has scheduled a Caucus for all if registered as a Republican voters. 

 See schedule here.

County Caucus and Convention presents the opportunity in all 23 Wyoming counties to form committees that propose and pass new Platform Planks, Resolutions, and Bylaws, and elect state and National Delegates and Alternate and select National Committeewoman and National Committeeman. This process leads up to the Wyoming Republican Party 2020 state convention.  It will be held May 7-9 at The Cam-plex in Gillette, WY.

Plan to join the fun as Delegates, Alternates, Leaders, Speakers, and Guests convene to chart the course for Wyoming’s future!

In addition to the regular business, the 2020 convention will host Trump Victory Leaders conducting training to engage activists in efforts to re-elect President Donald J. Trump!

Many more event details coming soon including

dinners and fabulous guest speakers each night coming soon. A Campaign College for candidates and staff will be hosted. The balance of National Delegates and Alternates will be elected to attend the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina August 24th-27th.

Wyoming is Trump Country!

Find your counties events and GO!

County Caucus Schedule Become a Trump Team Leader KEEP AMERICA GREAT! KEEP WYOMING GREAT! Frank Eathorne, Chairman

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