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June 18, 2019

In Wyoming we are fortunate how our national delegation represents our interests so well. I was proud to see our own Liz Cheney take a stand on a Sunday morning show where she shone the light on the corruption surrounding the Mueller Investigation,

“We had people that are at the highest levels of our law enforcement ... saying that they were going to stop a duly elected president of the United States. That sounds an awful lot like a coup and it could well be treason.”

Anyone who has paid any attention at all knows that the Trump - Russia narrative was nothing more than a political hit job. Despite being choreographed by a mob of Clintonites and Obama officials, backed by a hand-picked committee of deep blue elites who hate the President, and aided by those in the highest echelons of federal agencies who had capabilities to access whatever kinds of potential evidence might be useful to the plan, they still found nothing! It appears that this investigation was a “Guilty until proven innocent” game, sadly going against those legal principles upon which our nation was founded. Sadly, going against that upon which our nation was founded. Mueller’s resignation speech last week served as nothing more than a rallying cry for congress to continue to pursue impeachment.

Make no mistake, this investigation is nothing new. It dates back at least as far as 2010 when Tea Party activists were targeted by the IRS. A quick look at where General Flynn’s problems began and you’ll see that it was when he went against the flow. When he took a stand for American values he was ostracized.

You may ask yourself what the long game is in this situation. The Democrats first wanted to pose Trump as an illegitimate President because their “chosen one” lost to someone who was not an establishment insider. When that didn’t work they had to escalate their psychosis in order to now suggest impeachment as the only logical option. Are they doing it to distract us? Possibly. Are they doing it because of the huge hiccup in their agenda caused by President Trump? Probably.

Overall I think it is easy to conclude that this is all about evidence. As previously stated, the committee, along with Mueller, had every tool in their box to find any kind of information they wanted in order to indict the President. But after two years and millions of taxpayer dollars they found evidence but it was not the evidence they wanted. They found evidence that Donald J. Trump is the most pro-life President our country has seen in years, they found that the economy has been bolstered to new heights like we’ve never experienced in our history. They found evidence that Trump single-handedly is gutting the corrupt undertow in D.C., he is working to secure our borders, stand for traditional values and point our country again to the due north that is religious freedom. They found a man with spine who will stand up for what is right, call out what is wrong and won’t back down in defending our beloved Land of the Free and Home of The Brave. They have failed and will continue to fail because the majority of America is just like you and I. We’ve seen the evidence too and we believe in Donald Trump now more than ever before. May God be with our President as he continues to undergo attack. He is just the man we needed for such a time as this.

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