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February 4, 2019

Below are three bills to which the Wyoming Republican Party is paying close attention. We ask you to take action on each of them in order to ensure Republican values continue to thrive in our state. 

The Legislature is taking strides to give the duties of the State Treasurer to a newly created “Wyoming Investment Council”. This bill, slipped in during the 11th hour at an unannounced meeting, is an infringement, or perhaps even a direct violation of, the Separation of Powers article in the Wyoming Constitution. The Treasurer of Wyoming has Constitutional duties and this legislative overreach of the Executive Branch by the Legislative Branch is cause for concern.

This bill has similarities to the Legislature’s 2012 Session bill, SF0104, that stripped power from the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction.

HB0299 has moved to the House Committee of the Whole and has passed 1st reading. Please contact your Representative and tell them to vote NO on HB0299, regardless of any amendments offered. Additionally, call Majority Floor Leader Eric Barlow ((307) 682-9639 or email him at and let him know that scheduling a bill of this size and scope could kill 20 other bills by dominating the time needed to fully explore this bill. 

These are some of the reasons the Wyoming Republican Party stands in opposition of this proposed legislation:

-As a party we supported the election of the current Treasurer and we stand behind his right to practice his Constitutional duties. This bill also affectively disenfranchises Wyomingites who voted for Treasurer Meier.

-Early estimates indicate that adding an investment office to our government will cost 20-28 million dollars.

-This is a dangerous trend to give Constitutionally defined responsibilities, reserved to elected officials, to unelected, and appointed bureaucrats.

-This bill is written in vague terms, and allows for total functionality of the State Treasurer’s office to be given to an appointed council under the partial direction of not the Legislature, but the Management Council.

We are thankful for this bill that calls for accountability and consequences for physicians who defy current abortion reporting laws. Wyomingites may be surprised to learn that even in our own state we have issues with abortionists defying ultrasound notification and reporting laws. There are also unsafe abortions taking place both statewide and nationally and those practices are addressed by this law.

HB0103 has gone to the House Committee of the Whole and will be heard soon. Please contact your Representative and tell them to vote YES on HB0103.

We notified you of HB0230 on Friday. The special rights in this bill would grant a small group of Wyomingites the ability to spur cases like that of the “Colorado cake-baker”. We regret to inform you that this bill passed the Revenue Committee and has now been placed on the General File. HB0084 Wage equality-state employees and programs is closely related to this bill. HB0084 will be heard by the Senate Transportation Committee following adjournment today (Mon.)

Please contact your Representative and emphasize that this bill elevates a small group of people to a special class. This legislation has the potential to be enforced arbitrarily and could be used to materially harm good, law abiding citizens and business owners. Business owners in Wyoming should have the ability to employ and retain the best candidate to fill their open position and should not have to hire someone with lesser qualifications or who is unsuited for the job out of fear of litigation. We must send a clear message to our Representatives to VOTE NO on these bills.

The reviews of each of these bills were up-to-date as of 12:30 am on Monday, Feb. 4. Because of the fast-paced nature of the Legislature, contact the Legislative Services Office with any specific questions at 307-777-7881

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