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WY GOP Endorsements & Best Wishes

Requested Financial and Endorsement

SD 09 Diana Seabeck

SD 19 Dan Laursen

HD 04 Jeremy Haroldson

HD 05 Scott Smith

HD 06 Tomi Strock

HD 14 Brian Shuster

HD 16 Jim McCollum

HD 18 Scott Heiner

HD 28 John Winter

HD 33 Sarah Penn

HD 47 Robert Davis

HD 50 Rachel Rodriguez-Williams

Requested Endorsement Only

HD 34 Pepper Ottman

Wyoming Republican Party offers

best wishes to:

Natrona County candidates who have signed the Platform Pledge

SD 29 Bob Ide

HD 35 Tony Locke

HD 57 Jeannette Ward

HD 58 Bill Alemand

Laramie County Primary winners:

SD 05 Lynn Hutchings

SD 31 Evie Brennan

HD 44 Tamara Trujillo

HD 42 Ben Hornok

Candidate and Incumbent Information


Do you want to be fully prepared for election season and voting? Research, read, and take time to get to know the candidates! Don't forget to look at duties of the office, qualifications of the candidates, and voting records of incumbents so you can vote your values.

Think and reflect

What are you looking for in an incumbent? What values and positions would you like them to represent on both local and national issues? What changes would you like to see in YOUR government?


The Wyoming general election is November 8, 2022. Get registered to vote now if you haven't already! Attend candidate events now so you can cast your vote with personal knowledge of the policies your chosen candidate will stand for if they win the election.

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