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September 10, 2021


Dear fellow Republican,


On September 3, Wyoming Legislators met with Governor Gordon and asked him to call a special session to consider only one issue -- the issue of employer COVID19 vaccine mandates. To date, those Legislators have not received an answer from the Governor. Similarly, the Wyoming Republican Party asked Governor Gordon on September 7th to issue an Executive Order prohibiting employer vaccine mandates until the Legislature can act on this issue. Since employers are quickly moving in that direction, the party requested a response from the Governor by September 9th. However, the party has not heard from the Governor on this issue.  


The decision to be vaccinated is one that should be made by each individual, not employers or the government. In fact, the Wyoming Constitution, Article 1, Section 38, ensures that all Wyoming residents have the right to make their own healthcare decisions.  


Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced its plans to force employers to mandate that certain employers mandate vaccinations or force employees to endure weekly testing for the virus. Governor Gordon said he has asked the Wyoming Attorney General to be ready to oppose the Biden administration’s plan. However, we need more than rhetoric and promises of future action. Wyoming needs action now. The Wyoming Republican Party calls on the Governor to take immediate action to oppose these unlawful vaccine mandates by doing the following:


1. Join as a Plaintiff in the Republican National Committee’s legal action opposing Biden’s plan;

2. Call a special session so the Wyoming Legislature can address this critical issue; and 

3. Issue an Executive Order to prohibit vaccine mandates in Wyoming until the end of the next legislative session.


The time for talking and planning is over. The time for action is now.


Call Governor Mark Gordon at (307) 777-7434, or email him at, and tell him it is time to issue an Executive Order prohibiting vaccine mandates, immediately call a special session, and join other Republican States’ efforts as a Plaintiff to oppose the Biden administration’s unlawful and overreaching vaccine mandate plan in Court. This issue cannot wait.


Keep Wyoming Great!

W. Frank Eathorne

Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party


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