Donald Trump supports American workers. 

"Since the founding of our Nation, American workers have deployed their talents to build beautiful cities, develop new technologies, and shape the global economy.  Now, our country depends on these hardworking patriots as we continue to aggressively fight the coronavirus pandemic.  In particular, we celebrate every American who has worked tirelessly to ensure we maintain our way of life in this unprecedented time.  These vital workers include medical professionals, grocery store and pharmacy clerks, farmers, meatpackers, truckers, factory workers, and the many employees who are important to the supply chain that makes essential goods and medications accessible to all Americans.  Essential workers and volunteers like these and others have enabled my Administration to respond swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic and have safeguarded the prospects of countless American businesses and the lives and personal health of millions of people.

From my first day in office, my Administration has acted to foster an environment for growth, jobs, and prosperity.  Having built the greatest economy the world has ever seen, my Administration will do it again.  We will not rest until American workers are safely back at work."

- Donald Trump

2020 Labor Day Proclamation

The Wyoming Republican Party