Resolutions 2017-2018

Each State Central Committee is elected in March of odd numbered years and goes for two years. Each Central Committee and Executive Committee may pass resolutions. These resolutions are comments on issues of the day. Internal resolutions such as approving the minutes are not included; see the relevant minutes. In blog fashion, more recent resolutions are at the top.

A Resolution Supporting Justice for Western Ranchers

WHEREAS, The truth about what the federal government has done to western ranchers and the people who have risked their lives to support them must be told, and justice must be done;

WHEREAS, An uprising occurred in eastern Oregon after federal agencies sentenced father and son ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond of Burns, Oregon, to 5 years in prison for the “crime” of utilizing common range management fires that spread slightly off of their own land and onto a small portion of adjacent public land;

WHEREAS, The federal charges brought against the Hammonds were extraordinarily severe, especially in light of the fact that federal land managers have, on numerous occasions, accidentally -- and at times, purposely -- burned thousands of acres of public and private property (including people’s homes, barns, and fences), without consequence to the agency or its employees, and without compensation to the land owners whose property they destroyed;

WHEREAS, The federal government’s own witness testified that the autumn 2001 management fire Dwight and Steven were convicted of igniting on their own land, actually “improved range conditions,” (Criminal Trial Transcript, at 377), and that Bureau of Land management (BLM) committed “no suppression resources” to extinguish the fire, (Criminal Trial Exhibit A-37);

WHEREAS, Curiously, the incredibly harsh charges against Dwight and Steven Hammond were preceded by a period of time in which the Hammonds had been publicly critical of federal land managers’ actions;

WHEREAS, The record shows that, for decades, the BLM and USFWS deployed federal administrative powers to punitively regulate and prosecute the Hammond family in what now appear to be thinly veiled efforts to take and convert the Hammond ranch to federal control;

WHEREAS, For example, the Hammonds spent decades warding off federal land managers’ attempts to block them from trailing their cattle to their lawfully held grazing lands via historic stock driveways that are verified in historical records;

WHEREAS, In 1994, the BLM and USFWS arrested Dwight Hammond for protecting access to his legally owned water rights, and the federal agencies still continue to fence out the Hammonds’ access to their water despite the fact that their vested water rights have been upheld in State court;

WHEREAS, Between 1994 and 2006, even though the Hammonds held federal grazing permits attached to their statutorily protected grazing preference and vested stockwater rights, federal land managers stripped them of three BLM grazing permits and one Malheur National Wildlife Refuge grazing permit, thereby systematically gutting the size and economic viability of the Hammond ranch;

WHEREAS, In the fall of 2001, after receiving BLM permission, Dwight and Steven Hammond started a prescribed range management burn on their private land that spread to 137 acres of adjoining public land upon which the Hammonds owned grazing rights; however Steven reported it, the fire improved the range, and the BLM did not cite them for the fire – that is, until 9 years later;

WHEREAS, In 2006, during a violent thunderstorm, lightning ignited a wildfire that seriously threatened to wipe out the Hammond’s winter feeding grounds, and possibly even their barns and home;

WHEREAS, in a widely accepted firefighting practice, Steven Hammond started a strategic emergency backfire on his family’s private land which successfully saved their winter grazing areas, protected their home and barns, and potentially saved thousands of acres of public land from being engulfed in the 2006 wildfire;

WHEREAS, Steven’s 2006 emergency backfire burned as little as 1 acre of adjoining public land, for which the BLM pursued criminal charges in state court; but District Attorney Tim Colahan reviewed the facts and declined to press charges against the Hammonds;

WHEREAS, In 2010, before the statute of limitations ran out on the 2001 fire, the BLM brought the Hammonds into federal court, indicting them on numerous charges relating to both fires;

WHEREAS, The BLM avoided bringing charges under their own statutes, including the one which specifically provides an exception for crimes related to fires started by ranchers who own grazing allotments in certain circumstances, i.e. “This section shall not apply in the case of a fire set by an allottee in the reasonable exercise of his property rights in the allotment,” 18 U.S.C. § 1855;

WHEREAS, Rather than citing Dwight and Steven for a “trespass burn”, which is the standard citation under BLM land-use statutes, federal prosecutors instead charged them as arsonists under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 -- the law enacted by Congress in response to Timothy McVeigh’s horrendous bombing of a public building in Oklahoma City;

WHEREAS, Eventually the federal government’s claim that the Hammonds lit fires on public lands, endangered federal employees, and attempted to destroy government vehicles were unfounded; In fact, 10 of the 13 charges against the Hammonds were either dismissed or resulted in NOT GUILTY verdicts;

WHEREAS, The one count Dwight was convicted of related solely to the 2001 prescribed burn which improved the range, and was ignited on his private land after his son Steven had called the BLM Dispatcher and received the OK to burn (Criminal Trial Transcript, at 377; Exhibit A-37; Jury Verdict - Document 194);

WHEREAS, The two counts Steven was convicted of related solely to the 2001 range improvement fire and the 2006 emergency back burn – both of which the jury concluded had caused less than $1,000 in damage;

WHEREAS, the Hammonds were only “convicted” of practices they never denied – that is lighting two range management fires on their own land in accordance with standard techniques, that caused essentially no harm, and are common among ranchers, farmers, and public land managers in the area;

WHEREAS, Federal District Court Judge Michael Hogan declared, “It would be cruel and unusual punishment for this crime to give them the mandatory minimum of five years” such as required under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996;

WHEREAS, The Federal District Court Judge issued a sentence of 1 year for Steven, and 90 days for Dwight, and he even allowed the men to serve staggered terms so they could keep the family ranch afloat;

WHEREAS, After finally succeeding in obtaining a conviction against the Hammonds, albeit miniscule, the U.S. government filed an outrageous $1.3 million claim for damages in a civil suit and offered, in what amounts to extortion, to drop all charges on the condition that the Hammonds sign over two-thirds of their ranch to the federal government;

WHEREAS, Facing substantial threats from the U.S government (perhaps the largest law firm in the world), the Hammonds agreed to a plea that would lower the fine from $1.3 million to $400,000 and give the federal government first right-of-refusal should the Hammonds ever be forced to sell their ranch;

WHEREAS, The Hammonds paid the fine and served out their sentences, but still the federal government pressed forward to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, demanding resentencing under the full force of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act to lock Dwight and Steven up for 5 years -- the very sentence Judge Hogan declined to apply, saying such a harsh punishment under the circumstances “would shock the conscience”;

WHEREAS, In what many in the West, and across the nation, view as a manifest miscarriage of justice akin to double jeopardy, Dwight and Steven Hammond were resentenced to five years in federal prison, both at the same time, making it impossible for them to help keep the family ranch going;

WHEREAS, Just before Dwight and Steven Hammond were to report back to prison for the 5 year terms, a large, but entirely peaceful, public march took place in their home town of Burns, Oregon; however the Hammonds, under threat from federal agencies, did not participate in it;

WHEREAS, At the conclusion of the peaceful march, numerous Americans risked their lives in a symbolic occupation of the desolate Malheur Wildlife Refuge, about 30 miles away, to draw a national spotlight to the plight of the Hammonds, and to request a redress of this and many other grievances concerning the federal government's crushing control of half of all land in western America;

WHEREAS, The Malheur protesters never pointed a firearm at anyone, and were not convicted of firearms violations, but Federal agents and Oregon State Police shot at several of them with deadly force as some of the protesters peaceably traveled to a public meeting, thereby wounding Ryan Bundy in the shoulder while he sat, unarmed, in the vehicle, and killing Lavoy Finnicum after he exited the vehicle with hands up;

WHEREAS, In the State of Nevada, a preceding case of conflict between the BLM and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy had culminated in a tense standoff between BLM law enforcement agents and hundreds of conscientious Americans who had come to Bundy’s aid after government snipers were positioned around his home, other agents began brutally executing his cattle, and bystanders were roughed up for attempting to film it;

WHEREAS, The federal government pressed charges against Bundy, his sons, and others for their respective roles in the Nevada standoff as well as the Malheur protest, and held them in prison (without a conviction) for nearly 2 years; however the Bundys and most of the protesters were eventually found NOT GUILTY, or otherwise exonerated, on ALL counts;

WHEREAS, A seventeen page whistleblowing letter, released by the federal government’s lead investigator (Special Agent Larry Wooten) in the Nevada standoff case, cited multiple cover ups within the federal agencies and a “widespread pattern of bad judgment, lack of discipline, incredible bias, unprofessionalism and misconduct, as well as likely policy, ethical and legal violations among senior and supervisory staff”;

WHEREAS, Agent Wooten’s whistleblower letter disclosed that a senior BLM law enforcement supervisor had bragged of a “Kill List” and that the BLM law enforcement operations center had photographs of Bundy and a supporter displayed on the command center bulletin board with prominent “x” marks drawn through the head and body of Cliven Bundy and the supporter;

WHEREAS, On December 20 th , 2017, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the Nevada standoff case, citing “a universal sense of injustice” and “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” after discovering that the BLM and Department of Justice (DOJ) had withheld massive amounts of evidence that contradicted the federal government's version of events and could have exonerated all of the accused;

WHEREAS, Among key evidence hidden by the BLM and DOJ was an FBI assessment concluding that the Bundy’s were not violent, that the BLM was trying to provoke conflict, and other government records proving that before Cliven Bundy summoned neighbors, friends, the county sheriff, the governor, legislators, and citizen militia to come to his defense, the BLM had indeed placed deadly sniper teams around his home while other agents began covertly and brutally executing his cattle;

WHEREAS, On January 10, 2018, the Chairman of the U.S House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources and the Chairman of the Congressional Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee issued a letter concerning numerous and serious reports of misconduct and possible criminal activity within the Bureau of Land Management related to the Bundy case and likely others;

WHEREAS, The aforementioned Congressional Chairmen's letter states, “The failures in the Bundy case and previous cases display serious misconduct by BLM law enforcement officials, and strongly suggest that there are systemic issues within BLM's law enforcement operations.”

WHEREAS, We have yet to know the full degree to which federal administrative, prosecutorial, and enforcement powers have been weaponized in a concerted effort by federal land management and environmental agencies, aided by federal courts and the Department of Justice, to extort exorbitant fines from law abiding people, deprive them of their property, denigrate their character, block lawful and beneficial uses of public lands, and destroy the lives and livelihoods of countless hard working Americans;

WHEREAS, For justice and the rule of law to mean anything in this country it must be applied equally to everyone -- not selectively against private citizens while in favor of federal employees; and certainly not for ulterior motives such as those exposed in the prosecutions of the Hammonds, the Bundys, and others;

WHEREAS, In 2016, the American people elected Donald J. Trump, a bold, dedicated and decisive President of the United States, who proclaimed that he would transfer power from Washington DC to the people and “Drain the Swamp” of corrupt, self-serving, and unjust elements within the federal government;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, We, the Members of the Republican National Committee respectfully request that the President and the Congress of the United States of America do all in their respective constitutional powers to immediately effect the following:

  1. grant a full pardon to ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond;
  2. extinguish the federal government's first right of refusal on the Hammond ranch;
  3. amend the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 to never again be improperly applied to people who use backfire to protect their property;
  4. recognize and honor the Hammond and Bundy Ranch grazing rights;
  5. withdraw all charges and/or grant a full pardon to all of the Malheur and Bunkerville protesters; and return all of their lawfully owned property to them;
  6. ensure that all government conduct related to the Hammonds, Bundys, Malheur, and Bunkerville protesters, including conduct of the federal courts, be fully investigated so that malicious misconduct, deliberate bias, and criminal acts committed by government employees against the people are exposed, halted, and prosecuted;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we, the Members of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee, commend President Donald J. Trump and stand with him in all constitutional exertions to drain the proverbial swamp of self-serving power and corruption, restore the proper boundaries of federalism, return power to the States, and free our lands from onerous federal bureaucracy so that the public and private lands within each State can finally be managed with local care, knowledge, accountability, and justice.

Adopted on February 24th, 2018
By the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee

Stand Your Ground


WHEREAS, the citizens of Wyoming enjoy the presence of a “Castle Doctrine” law its citizens have no legislative protection from the use of reasonable defensive force outside of the home or habitation; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming’s “Castle Doctrine” law and/or other laws in place do not protect the citizens of Wyoming from civil action for a reasonable and justifiable use of deadly force; and

WHEREAS, the State of Wyoming is one of 15 states which has no Stand Your Ground law or recognized practice in place; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming is recognized as a rural and sparsely populated state. A state where law enforcement may not be reasonably available. Thus, persons may need to protect themselves and their loved ones against those who would attempt to inflict harm with the primary recourse of the victim being retreat first; and

WHEREAS, the elected officials of the People (in this case the Representatives, Senators, and the Governor) are dutifully sworn to “uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Wyoming”. As such, should work in the best interests of the People of the State of Wyoming.

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Wyoming State Republican Party, whose members have been elected by constituents within their precincts, supports and encourages its elected officials to support, pass and sign into law a “Stand Your Ground” law. A law which will create parity with the 35 states within our Country which already recognize a citizen’s right to Stand Their Ground.

Adopted this 24th day of February, 2018 by the Wyoming State Republican Party Central Committee.

Resolution To Dissolve ENDOW

Presented by the Uinta County Republican Party

WHEREAS, Wyoming is currently in the midst of a budget shortfall of over $700 MILLION in the current biennium, and further encumbering state revenue would be irresponsible, and

WHEREAS, the Platform of the Wyoming Republican Party states: “Liberty is indivisible from economic freedom. The free market economy, is the economic system most compatible with the requirements of personal freedom and constitutional government. Government’s undue interference in the market, as well as the fiscal irresponsibility of government, results in economic inequity. There exists no fundamental right to the fruits of another person’s labor.”, and

WHEREAS, the Platform of the Wyoming Republican Party states: “All taxes collected must be used for the constitutional purposes of government. It is irresponsible to run up debts that are passed on to our children and grandchildren. Taxes should never be more than necessary.”, and

WHEREAS, the Wyoming State Constitution prohibits the appropriation of money to any entity not under absolute control of the state, and

WHEREAS, central planning in any form is not compatible with free market economics and our republican form of government; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming State Republican Party opposes the ENDOW/ WYDOT initiative known as Commercial Air Service Plan (CASP) which is meant to compete with commercial air service in serving a select few individuals at the expense of all Wyoming citizens.

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming State Republican Party opposes any and all additional expenditures by the ENDOW commission as those expenditures are utilized in the pursuit of central planning and are antithetical to the free market.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Wyoming State Republican Party calls for the ENDOW commission to be dissolved.

Adopted this 24th day of February, 2018 by the Wyoming State Republican Party Central Committee.

Resolution Requiring Use of Paper Ballots

WHEREAS, there is undeniable evidence that electronic means of data storage, communication, and transmission are readily hacked and exploited by nefarious entities across all levels of society ranging from home computers to smart phones to classified government servers, and

WHEREAS, the integrity of our elections is key to the success of our Republic and State, no amount of fraud or electronically induced error in an election can ever be considered acceptable, and

WHEREAS, the Wyoming Secretary of State recently announced the formation of a task force addressing future elections in Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, the Secretary’s Plan for Aging Voting Equipment (PAVE) Task Force is charged with assessing the types of election equipment needed in Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Murray has stated that, “The election process, and the delivery of elections, is a matter of state sovereignty”; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of Wyoming has always, and will continue to insist, that the adoption of modernized election infrastructure used for local or statewide elections must produce the original paper ballots that can be validated, recounted, and stored for future analytical purposes.

Approved by the Executive Committee January 12, 2018

Resolution Barring the Expansion of Mail-In Ballot Use

WHEREAS, verified reports of election fraud related to mail-in ballots has been documented across the country, and

WHEREAS, the integrity of our elections is key to the success of our Republic thus no amount of fraud or electronic meddling in an election can ever be considered acceptable, and

WHEREAS, increases in the numbers of absentee and early voting ballots has been identified as a high-risk factor in election fraud, and

WHEREAS, Secretary Murray has stated that, “The election process, and the delivery of elections, is a matter of state sovereignty”; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of Wyoming opposes the expansion of Mail-In Ballot use for local or state level elections.

Approved by the Executive Committee January 12, 2018

Resolution Against Public Funds Supporting Sanctuary Schools

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution states in Amendment 10 - “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution does not delegate the power of education to the federal government.

WHEREAS, the Wyoming Constitution - Article 7 section 1 - offers free education to pupils in the required age groups.

WHEREAS, The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1982 case of Plyler v. Doe “that no public school district has a basis to deny children access to education based on their immigration status,”

WHEREAS, the United State Supreme Court does not establish law, but precedence.

WHEREAS, The protection of our borders and immigration policy is the responsibility of the federal government and does not reside in the states or local governments.

WHEREAS, Federal Constitution and Federal Law, as per the supremacy clause takes precedence over state law and their constitutions.

WHEREAS, The University of Wyoming and Northwest College allows admittance for international students with certain criteria (passport and visas, evidence of financial backing, English Language Proficiency Scores, etc)

WHEREAS, “The presidents of Wyoming’s seven community colleges and the University of Wyoming have voiced their support for a federal program (DACA) that shields young immigrants from deportation.”

WHEREAS, citizens or international students who follow the rules and regulations of our schools should not be undermined or disadvantaged by citizens of another country here illegally.

WHEREAS, the funding for Wyoming public schools comes from taxpayers.

RESOLVED, the school districts will report any violation of law to the proper authority to which it falls.

RESOLVED, the school districts agree to comply with federal immigration law and immigration agents.

RESOLVED, that the State of Wyoming shall not fund public institutions of education in the state that provide sanctuary to citizens of another country here illegally in violation of federal law.

Approved by the Executive Committee January 12, 2018


Whereas the Party of Abraham Lincoln was created to abolish slavery, recognizing the dignity and equality of every human being under the law; and this same Republican Party continued to lead the fight for the natural rights of our common humanity, against the Jim Crow laws of the southern Democrats; and still stands for the rights of all people regardless of color, culture, ideology, or religion, and

Whereas such equal protection under the law demands protection against personal injury or property loss, but cannot demand affirmation of personal ideas, choices, or behaviors without infringing upon the integrity and property rights of other persons; yet “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) laws obliterate this foundational legal distinction, and

Whereas, laws using undefined and undefinable terms are inherently unjust, depriving persons under the law of any reasonable opportunity to know in advance how the law will be applied to them; and “gender Identity” lacks any definite legal content such that even its proponents are unable either to list every current identity, or rule out the addition of new identities in the future, and

Whereas wherever the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” have been added to antidiscrimination laws, this ill-defined language has enabled unjust prosecution and legal harassment such as…

Forcing owners to use their own private property for objectionable uses…

Stripping owners of the right to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of patrons in showers, privacy facilities, etc…

Stripping owners of the right to hire persons of their own choosing…

Forcing the use of pronouns, titles, and other speech demanded by others…

Forcing artists to produce creative speech against their own views...

Stripping mental health workers of the right to treat patients according to the best standards…

Stripping physicians of the right to decide treatments according to their own judgement of what is best for a patient…

These and many other violations of personal integrity and property rights, are not only theoretical, but the actual ongoing results of SOGI laws which have closed businesses, confiscated savings, destroyed reputations, and costs millions in legal defense, and

Whereas even one use of a law that allows an unjust outcome is enough proof that it is a bad law; yet we have seen not one, but many cases where “sexual orientation and gender identity” language was used to materially harm law-abiding citizens depriving them of liberty, property and good name, therefore be it

Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party stand opposed to the insertion of “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” language into any policy, ordinance, guideline, or statute at every level of government, and be it further

Resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party continue to protect the dignity, safety and integrity of every human being by advocating for just, defined, and limited laws which protect persons from injury and their property from loss while not punishing anyone for holding, expressing, or acting upon their sincerely held beliefs.

Approved by the Central Committee August 12, 2017

Gross Receipts Tax

WHEREAS Wyoming is in the midst of an economic downturn due to its reliance on mineral extraction, in particular coal; and

WHEREAS the Interim Revenue Committee of the Wyoming Legislature has now voted 11-3 in favor of the imposition of a gross receipts tax on businesses in Wyoming; and

WHEREAS tax increases are inimical to economic recovery and job growth; and

WHEREAS a gross receipts tax is akin to a business income tax inherently inequitable to businesses, is passed on to consumers, is regressive and, like all taxes, will not be repealed regardless of need; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Wyoming Republican Party opposes the imposition of a gross receipts tax; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party requests that the all Republican Wyoming legislators oppose the imposition of a gross receipts tax; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be immediately provided to those legislators to make known to them the sentiment of the Wyoming Republican Party.

Approved by the Central Committee August 12, 2017

Resolution Against Tax Increase

The State of Wyoming and its people have long valued Liberty, self-reliance & conservative values. The Republican Party, from the National to State and to County, in their platforms and resolutions has long called for fiscal conservatism.

Whereas since 2000, Wyoming has had unprecedented growth in government, making Wyoming the #1 state in the ratio of government employees per capita; and

Whereas the current economy can no longer sustain the fiscal irresponsibility of our State Government; and

Whereas the State Legislature has recently raised fees & licenses and is discussing creating new revenue enhancements and tax increases; and

Whereas Wyoming’s economy & business climate has put a strain on the remaining citizens personal budgets; and

Whereas the State Republican Platform states: “Liberty is indivisible from economic freedom. The free market economy is the economic system most compatible with the requirements of personal freedom and constitutional government. Government’s undue interference in the market, as well as the fiscal irresponsibility of government, results in economic inequity. There exists no fundamental right to the fruits of another person’s labor”; and

Be it resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party calls upon the State Legislature and the Governor to practice fiscal restraint, reign in spending and cut unnecessary budget items rather than increasing revenue streams.

Approved by the Central Committee August 12, 2017

The Wyoming Republican Party