Republicans stand ready for the general election and a victory sweep



WY GOP CHAIRMAN:  Republicans stand ready for the general election and a victory sweep


Cheyenne, WY

August 23, 2018



The Wyoming Primary vote was tallied just two days ago and today Wyoming Republican Party Chairman W. Frank Eathorne noted that following certification of results in roughly a week, the winners will move on to the general election, which will “mark a culmination in our electoral process for the next two years”.


Chairman Eathorne further stated that “the Wyoming Republican Party stands behind the prevailing Republican nominees for the 2018 General Election”.  As is customary, the WYGOP will hold a Unity Breakfast on August 30th in Cheyenne.  A press conference will follow the event where statements will be made by various party officials and candidates.  






Contact information:

W. Frank Eathorne

Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party



Office:             (307) 234-9166

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1714 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne WY

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