"My family first landed on the North American Continent in 1636 and initially settled in Salem, Massachusetts.  In the ensuing four centuries they labored, loved, prayed and fought to build a new way of life here.  Eight of my ancestors were patriots who braved British bullets, bombs and bayonets in the American Revolution to take an unprecedented leap into self government in the form of a representative republic. Since then, each generation has contributed building, defending and prospering this great republic. There are literally thousands of us now spread across the United States and abroad who share this rich inheritance of our forebears. I have raised my children to value this in the hope that they will continue to pass these things on to future generations. I owe this and much more to those who went before us.
Many challenges to our nation have risen in the course of time, and each one in turn has been faced and dealt with at the cost of sustained effort, precious treasure, fervent prayer and sometimes shed blood. Today I observe that an insidious, mortal threat from within and without jeopardizes this, God's great gift of justice, prosperity and freedom to the world, like never before. At present, our country appears polarized between those who want to tear it down and those who will build it up. I believe the president and his administration are solidly in the latter group and committed to making and keeping America great and preserving the vision of our founding fathers. In 2016, God, from whom all authority is derived, chose Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence from a field of exceptional candidates to lead America. Their performance over the past four years has confirmed to me that this was a good thing.  Therefore, as a duly elected delegate from Wyoming, I cast my vote for them in the Republican Party's nomination process.  I expect to vote likewise in the General Election."
- Captain Karl Falken
Riverton, WY
2020 National Convention Delegate
The Wyoming Republican Party