"I have a multitude of reasons to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. However, as a manufacturing engineer, one that is particularly germane to me is that their administration is working hard to bring back manufacturing to the US from overseas.
In 1979 when I was choosing my college major I decided to emulate my maternal grandfather and study mechanical engineering. He had a good solid career and provided well for his family. At the time I reasoned that manufacturing was so critical to America's prosperity, our nation's government and corporate leadership and would assure its eminence in the national economy. However, by the time I graduated with my two bachelor's degrees in 1985, the export of manufacturing jobs was already well underway. Over the next 30 years I was shocked and appalled as not only were millions of good paying manufacturing jobs lost and tens of thousands of vital manufacturing plants closed.
Even critical medical products, the coding and billing of sensitive personal data and strategic military products and intellectual property were outsourced to nations that were clearly not our allies through corporations of very questionable integrity and purpose.
Meanwhile, I struggled to manage a stable career and provide a decent middle class living for my family as whole sectors of U.S. manufacturing declined and some even virtually vanished.
In the President's public statements and policies and I discern a good understanding of the pressing need to bring manufacturing back to the U.S not only for prosperity and security, but to end the subsidizing of those government and corporate entities that are inimical to the American way of life."
Karl Falken
The Wyoming Republican Party