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How To Speak Portuguese

I need to learn how to speak portuguese at homework help sites service.Can you tell me of a internet website were I can learn and hear? Please it urgent I know some but not a lot.I also need to here how to pronouse them.How they hear.

Does anyone know any good websites that teach you how to speak portuguese?

I want to teach myself how to speak portuguese?

whats " the best program book cd etc" for me to learn portuguese by myself. im planning to browse around in barnes and nobles but i need gather up some ideas first.can you name me the book or a program that i can purschase?

Who's know how to speak portuguese?

Does anyone know how to speak portuguese?

Can yo translat this for meiraa a quela foto que agente ta junto la e coloca esta aqui

I want to learn how to speak portuguese?

So i speak English and Spanish and ive been wanting to learn at studydaddy how to speak portuguese. I was wondering if anybody wants to help me. My idea would be to like go on skype and chat or txt.Thank you.

Can someone teach me how to speak Portuguese?

I can help you study in Brazil

I want to learn how to speak Portuguese?

I can't seem to learn from a book. Unless you have a better book in mind, or any other ideas. I have a friend in Brazil, and i would like to learn to speak it...any ideas?

Can someone teach me how to speak Portuguese Fluently ?

I know a little Portuguese and Im going to Portugal in December but I want to be Fluent in the Language . Can someone Help me out and Contact me Please

I want to learn how to speak Portuguese.Do those language video/audio DVDs/Cd's work? Which one is best? I want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. If anyone has tired learning this particular language I will love to hear from you. Was it really hard? How long did it take to learn the basics?

Someone here knows how to speak Portuguese?

Someone here knows how to speak Portuguese? Is that Brazilian and I just wonder if anybody here can speak my language Ah o meu preferido o Aiolos de sagitario concerteza o meu signo e um dos mais fortes adiciona eu no msn vitinho kak

Does anyone know a website that can help me learn how to speak Portuguese if i go there and practice? people may wonder why i ask this question. the reason is that my favorite soccer player was born in Portugal. I would like to know how to speak the language. i only speak spanish and english, please help me.

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