Wyoming's Presidential Electors

In their November 19th meeting the Wyoming Republican Party State Central Committee passed a resolution stating their support of the Electoral College:

"Be it Resolved, that a National Popular Vote System would also destroy the character of American culture, politics, and life because certain regions would cease to hold any import or interest in Presidential politics.

Be it Resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party Supports and celebrates the National Electoral College System in its present form.

Be it Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party rejects any changes to the electoral system." (See the entire resolution linked below)

Electoral College Resolution
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Today, Wyoming's Presidential Electors, Doug Chamberlain, Marti Halverson and Karl Allred, cast their votes.

"The Wyoming Republican Party is proud of our electors serving in their lawful duty casting votes for Donald J. Trump. While election security in some states is questionable at best, in Wyoming our secretary of state, county clerks, poll watchers and voters get it right." Stated Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne.