Wyoming's Budget Crisis

Governor Gordon and the Legislature have worked together to make across-the-board spending reductions in every department and government agency (with the exception of K-12 education), totalling $446 million dollars. The state, however, still faces a $171 million deficit in this biennium. That shortfall is projected to increase to $721 million in 2023-24 and $985 million in 2025-26. How did we get here? Simple, we are now suffering the financial consequences of what has been a well-orchestrated and long-term war on fossil fuels, the lifeblood of Wyoming’s economy.

The destruction of Wyoming’s economy is not the only consequence of the misguided “war on coal” (and oil and gas). The destruction of our fossil fuel industries also destroys our ability to heat and cool our homes, cook our food, provide potable water. We must fight back against those who seek to prevent us from accessing affordable energy. Contact the Governor’s Office, call your state legislator, light a fire under those in Washington, DC. Tell all of them that we will not stand by as the elite few attempt to force us back to the dark ages both financially and in terms of our standard of living.