Wyoming Governs Red - HB0219

This power-grab bill was similar to the infamous Senate File 104, designed to strip all powers from our elected officer, the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The intent of this bill was to strip the elected State Treasurer 💰💰 of much of the officer’s power, and place the State’s investment decisions in the hands of an unaccountable and unelected bureaucracy 😲. Due to well-written amendments, the bill is now satisfactory and no longer contains the dangerous language. 👍


The Wyoming Republican Party is a grassroots organization. Individuals from every corner of the state have worked to reflect the values of Wyomingites in the Wyoming Republican Party Platform (www.Wyoming.gop/platform). In the “Wyoming Governs Red” series, we continue to celebrate bills, and those who sponsored them, that align with those values reflected in the Wyoming Republican Party platform.

We invite you to get involved to continue to advocate for Wyoming values. We know when Republican values win, Wyoming wins!

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