Where Is The $$$

Education funding is one of the primary topics being addressed during Wyoming’s current legislative session. Although we spend exponentially higher dollar amounts on education as compared to many other states, we are often being told we must pay even more. Before considering additional spending, however, our first question should be “where are all of these education dollars going”?

💵 Wyoming taxpayers give school districts enough money each year to

hire enough teachers to maintain student to teacher ratios of 1 teacher to 16 students in

elementary schools and 1 teacher to 22 students in middle school and up.

👩‍🏫 It has been reported, however, that our Wyoming school districts are “short” by 800-1,000 teachers

...the school districts have spent the money to fund those “ghost” teachers. Where did the money go?

💵 School districts receive an average of $16,000 per student per year to provide an education, which is the second highest rate in the entire United States.

📦 School districts, however, continue to receive that money for some students that are no longer in their schools. .

...the money is still being spent. Where did the money go?

💵 Wyoming funds one of the most expensive health insurance plans available on

the market.

🏥 All but one of our Wyoming school districts spent much less on insurance

benefits, and pocketed the difference.

...the money appropriated for insurance was spent. Where did the money go?

If Wyoming business owners applied these same practices to how they operate their companies, they would soon be broke. Prior to increasing the tax burden on Wyoming citizens, we must understand where monies are currently being spent.

We need accountability.