2020 has been a challenging year. Perhaps one of the primary lessons that we have learned is that our government should never put people in charge who don’t suffer the consequences of the decisions that they make. While our private sector (restaurants, gyms, tanning salons, ranchers, and store owners (among others)), have suffered tremendously as they have tried to run their businesses, the decision-makers in DC and Cheyenne have continued to receive their paychecks and benefits. The financial stress for our small businesses has been overwhelming. In contrast, the unelected officials making decisions about whether they can remain open and, if so, at what capacity and under what rules, have not missed a paycheck.

Now is NOT the time for the Wyoming legislature to impose an even higher financial burden on our Wyoming businesses and families. It is time to cut unnecessary spending and begin using resources more frugally. It is time for our government to become more accountable to the people and remember that our government works for the people, not the other way around.