The public health measures enforced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic were seen by a majority of Wyomingites as not only draconian, but an infringement on our basic civil liberties as guaranteed to us by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Wyoming.

If you disapproved of this government overreach you should know that our Legislative Representatives have introduced Senate File SF0080 ( to make sure that this type of thing does not happen again.

The Sponsors of this measure are ‘governing red’ by putting forth a bill based on the recent Resolution passed by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee addressing this very issue (see: > Governing Documents > 2020 Resolutions > Headline Government > Item 13). The purpose of this bill is to limit the ability to use COVID-19 (or something similar in the future) as a means to grow government and infringe on our God-given rights.

SF0080 will be heard tomorrow, February 24. Watch online during the 1:30 MT Senate meeting: and contact the members of the Labor committee to voice your support for the bill