Saturday, May 21, 2022

May 21, 2022

A recent Casper Star Tribune and WyoFile article with defamatory content ONCE AGAIN disparaged Chairman W. Frank Eathorne, state leadership, and State Central Committee members of the Wyoming Republican Party. Far from crumbling, the state party continues to demonstrate growing unity in voting and to carry forward the voice of grassroots Wyoming Republicans. Leaders in all positions have been elected to the positions they hold and serve with confidence supporting the steadfast principles that make strong governmental policy.

The vast majority of the Wyoming Republican Party stands united against the politics of personal destruction. Tabloid-style journalism won’t cut it with Wyoming people. Tearing down others has always been the tactic of the Democrats and the weak in attempts to elevate themselves. We stand firm and united on principles of integrity, redemption, and personal accountability. These principles are timeless.

Many of us remember a time when journalists in Wyoming reported news and respected the thinking reader who could assimilate facts and arrive at their own conclusions. Many of today’s publications and authors consistently denigrate the Republican Party, rely on statements made by non-participants, and articles often reflect the taint of the disgruntled. Sensationalism and yellow journalism serves no purpose but to foment discontent and conflict. Those who participate consistently in the Wyoming Republican Party at both the county and state level know the truth of the unity and cohesiveness of Republican Party members across the state.

The Republican Party is alive, well, and

will boldly pursue

the principles that ensure freedom for generations to come!