Runoff Resolution

Republicans statewide have identified the need to ensure election integrity in Wyoming by calling for runoff elections in the primaries, should no candidate receive over 50% of the votes in the Primary. The Republican Women of Sheridan County recently passed a resolution supporting legislation to establish a runoff election process. The purpose of a runoff election is to ensure that those candidates advancing to the general election have received the support of more than 50% of the voters. The Wyoming GOP’s resolution states:

“Resolution supporting run-off elections

Whereas, the Republican Party primary election often has a large number of contestants for a

single office, and

Whereas, Wyoming is a Republican majority state and therefore the winner of the Republican

primary is often guaranteed of winning the general election, and

Whereas, primary races with multiple candidates are often won by a candidate with well-less

than 50% of the vote,

Resolved, the Wyoming Republican Party supports the addition of a run-off election for all

primary races where no candidate receives over 50% of the vote.”

Passed, 6 February 2021, State Central Committee Meeting