Run Off Legislation

Elections themselves have become a point of contention in recent years in Wyoming and across the Union. Ongoing disputes have brought to light several problems with the current electoral situation. Senate File 145 is a promising step at alleviating some of these problems in a manner that should be acceptable to citizens across the political and ideological landscape.

First, by creating a runoff primary election, it will force candidates to have to fight for their election twice, just as candidates in competitive electoral regions do. This will ensure that the best candidates are most likely to succeed.

Second, by lengthening the election season slightly and providing for a runoff election, SF0145 will give citizens disturbed or disenfranchised by the results of the first election a chance to get involved in the process.

Third, by requiring that candidates receive a majority (50% plus one) of votes cast, rather than merely the highest number (which in practice can be well below 50%), this bill alleviates the problems of vote splitting and requires a broader acceptance of the candidate in order to elect him or her.

This bill, the text of which can be found online at, provides for runoff primary elections starting with the 2022 election cycle. If it passes, all partisan elections above the county level in the State of Wyoming will require a majority, rather than a basic plurality, to carry the winning candidate across the line.

Three Problems - One Solution. Contact your legislators today and encourage them to pass SF145!