We’ve received many reports of late night and early morning robocalls through the nights of August 29th and 30th, often repeating, and asking for responses to a political poll including who they would vote for in the US House race. The robocall implies that the call is coming from the Wyoming Republican Party.

Be assured these calls are not being generated on behalf of any Wyoming Republican state or county party.

The ‘hijacking’ of phone numbers to use for scam calls is a well-known

opposition and disruption tactic. This is a regrettable event, especially when our focus and concerns are on much more serious issues.

The most commonly reported call is associated with a Rock Springs phone number 307-209-3329. This number does not appear to be registered to any user, nor is there a provider or carrier identified. Unfortunately, these disruptors often ‘grab’ several unassigned numbers to roll to when one is blocked. The call may have originated outside the country.

Please contact your phone service provider about how to protect yourself from the calls and to report the calls as scam calls. There are internet sites to report to, e.g. Reports will help raise awareness of the scam and tag the number(s) as scam calls.