December 16, 2019

CHEYENNE, WY - Leaders of the Wyoming Republican Party began the holiday season by attending President Donald Trump’s Christmas reception in Washington D.C. The GOP delegation presented the President, First Lady, Vice President and his wife with Christmas greetings from Wyoming. “It was an extreme honor to attend the White House Christmas reception and hear directly from President Trump with First Lady Melania by his side. The time to greet and visit with fellow Republicans from around the country and hear from our President is a true joy.” Stated Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne.

“Wyoming is fortunate to have a congressional delegation that is accessible and receptive to their constituents.” stated the Chairman, noting that the group had opportunities to meet with Senator John Barrasso and Congresswoman Liz Cheney. He added, “Both the Senator Congresswoman graciously made time to meet amidst the busyness of the Democrats misguided impeachment proceedings.” Issues discussed included the importance of looking ahead to 2020, Republican get out the vote efforts, voter registration, and assuring election security.

Other meetings involved strategizing with the Republican National Committee, and visits to many national memorials. The group also met with the Department of Interior regarding the emergency tunnel collapse in southeast Wyoming this summer. The plan moving forward includes addressing the numerous structures and irrigation systems which are aging out and in need of inspection and repair. “This issue will remain a top priority until we find solutions that are right for our irrigators, land owners and the State of Wyoming.” Said Senator Steinmetz “The Trump administration is demonstrating a strong commitment to federalism which creates opportunity for our State”

“Visiting the National Archives which houses the Constitution and our founding documents was humbling and sobering. To see the worn leather and fading writing of those who gave everything for our country along with the WWII memorial honoring more recent heroes was inspiring.” Stated National Committeeman Steinmetz. On Friday, the 78th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, the Wyoming Republican Party commemorated a wreath to the fallen soldiers of Wyoming on behalf of all the citizens of Wyoming at the WWII Memorial.

Chairman Eathorne noted that, “The time spent in DC was both substantive and memorable. I value those (delete) meetings with elected officials, government department and RNC leaders who shared moments out of their busy schedules.”

The trip was part of a continual effort by Wyoming Republicans who are working daily to build upon our Constitutional foundation and Republican values because when Republican values win, Wyoming wins.