Ranked Choice? Not in Wyoming

The Runoff Election Bill currently being considered by the Wyoming Legislature ensures that the candidate with support from the majority of Wyoming voters is elected. The Wyoming Republican Party supports the Runoff Bill (SF145). In an effort to kill that bill, opponents of holding runoffs have offered ranked choice voting as an alternative -- a bad one at that.




Ranked choice voting is a strategy often used by Democrats and their allies to sway elections. Instead of one vote for one candidate in a ballot race, you vote for all and rank them. All candidates, regardless of party, are voted on together. Party primaries become a thing of the past, thereby also severely undermining our ability to know where a candidate stands in relation to the Republican Platform.


In 2008 John McCain, Barack Obama, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and Cynthia McKinney were all running for President.

With ranked choice voting, if no candidate had won the majority (>50%) of votes in Round One, the candidate with the least overall votes, say Cynthia McKinney, would have been eliminated from the ballot and each ballot vote for her would be changed to each voter’s second choice. Then the scores would be recalculated, and that process would be repeated - over and over again, until one of the candidates finally won a majority. That means the declared winner could have been the voters’ second, third, or even fourth choice. That makes no sense.


A runoff election, requiring that the winner of the Republican and Democrat primaries must receive over 50% of the votes to advance to the general election is a better way of ensuring that the candidate elected is the one chosen by the majority of voters.

The Wyoming Republican Party stands behind the Runoff Elections Bill SF0145 ( Join us by encouraging your legislators to do the same!