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Whereas: The CDC voted to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the list of childhood immunizations; and

Whereas: this vaccine has not been proven to prevent Covid-19; and

Whereas: this vaccine is now being recommended for an age group that isn't susceptible to a high rate of infection or death from infection; and

Whereas: these mRNA vaccines have been known to cause adverse reactions in children and adults; and

Whereas: The CDC will recommend vaccines for school age children and students participating in athletics; and

Whereas: Wyoming Parents should have the right to decide what vaccines are administered to their children, especially one that has controversy surrounding it. Now, therefore

Be it resolved: the Wyoming state legislature will take action to prevent enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine as a recommended childhood vaccine in order to attend Wyoming schools or to participate in Wyoming school athletic programs.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 Nov 12 SCC

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