Marine Rylee McCollum

To Jim McCollum and his family, There are no words to describe the horror of learning that our military men and women were killed in their service to our country. The Teton County Republican Party joins patriots around the community, country, and world in the nearly impossible effort to adequately express the depth of our pain over the death of these thirteen servicemen and women. The fact that one of the fallen servicemen is one of our own children, heightens the pain. To the entire McCollum family, we extend our heartfelt sympathy. May God bring you comfort. We mourn the loss of Rylee, and thank him and you for his love for and service to our country. We will not forget him; he will live in our hearts as the hero he is. May justice come to those who orchestrated the circumstances that led to his death and the needless sacrifice of American lives. Semper Fi. With deepest sympathy, Teton County Republican Party To contribute to Rylee McCollum's Child Education Fund, please use the link below: To contribute to the Rest Easy USMC Rylee McCollum fund, please use the link below:

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