Impact of Marijuana

What do increased traffic deaths and accidents, increased suicides in young men, increased psychosis in emergency rooms and permanent school truancy have in common?

They’re all results of Colorado legalizing “regulated” marijuana.

Some Wyoming legislators are working hard to legalize marijuana in the Cowboy State in HB0209 (

The sponsors of this bill, Representatives Barlow, Olsen, Baker, Brown, Burt, Connolly, Provenza, Romero-Martinez, Sweeney, Western, Yin and Zwonitzer and Senators Case and Rothfuss, think marijuana legalization is inevitable and the bill is moving swiftly.

We have heard from a majority of Wyoming Republicans who strongly stand against the devastation that will be caused to our communities, our families, and our children by legalization.

This bill will be heard by the Judiciary Committee when the session re-convenes tomorrow (March 17). This must be stopped. Please email the following members of the committee and tell them Wyoming says NO to legalizing Marijuana.;;;;;;;;;;;;;