Rush Limbaugh, the man who was a happy warrior for conservatism, has gone on to his next adventure. There’s no one like him. Rush could make you laugh, make you think, give you the courage and tools to challenge political myth and make sense of the world spinning around you.

Rush had an unparalleled ability to expertly weave together memories, news and facts with a sense of humor and irreverence that could gently chide or loudly challenge the established political message of the day. He brought perspective to the accepted deference to political ‘leaders’ who told us little people to sit down and shut up. Rush’s message was “stand up and speak up!”.

Rush’s courage and determination to continue delivering encouragement, news and perspective will continue to inspire the ‘Dittoheads’ who cut their political teeth on Rush’s program for 30 years.

God bless you Rush. And thank you.