HB0127 - A Large Stride for Personal Liberties

A large stride for personal liberties, this bill requires 48 hours 🕰️ of notice and public comment before health orders are implemented unless the delay will cause life threatening physical harm, broadens local governments to choose whether or not the health order should remain in place after 10 days 📅 and grants parents and caregivers of vulnerable adults protection from limitation of care, custody and control.


The Wyoming Republican Party is a grassroots organization. Individuals from every corner of the state have worked to reflect the values of Wyomingites in the Wyoming Republican Party Platform (www.Wyoming.gop/platform). In the “Wyoming Governs Red” series, we continue to celebrate bills, and those who sponsored them, that align with those values reflected in the Wyoming Republican Party platform.

We invite you to get involved to continue to advocate for Wyoming values. We know when Republican values win, Wyoming wins!

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