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HB 0037

We have been contacted by numerous concerned citizens around the state about HB0037.

The digest listed by the LSO Office (found here: states:

AN ACT relating to highways; establishing a road usage charge; establishing a road usage charge program; creating road usage charge account managers; providing for contracting by the department of transportation with private entities to administer the program; providing for the distribution of funds; creating penalties; providing for regional or national expansion of the program; providing for a fuel tax sunset; requiring reporting and recommendations; requiring rulemaking; and providing for effective dates.

We likewise have concerns about this bill, as it seems to provide yet another way for our government to be monitoring our every move, all under the guise of generating tax revenue. We think that this bill and the idea behind it needs additional public discussion and vetting.

The bill is sponsored by the Transportation committee and has been assigned to the House for introduction. If you would like to reach out to a member of the Transportation Committee, please find their information at this link:

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