We are facing the prospect that, by 2023, State spending on education will exceed the amount spent by the State of Wyoming on all other programs and services (as currently predicted by the Legislative Service Office).

We understand that educating our children is one of our most critical functions. There are other priorities as well, however, including construction and maintenance of roads, funding our Department of Health, funding the State Hospital, addressing environmental considerations through the Department of Environmental Quality, and protecting and managing our water rights through the State Engineer’s office. The State, in other words, must balance all of these interests as it establishes the budget for not only the next two years, but looking at the long-term future of our State as a whole.

We cannot fund education at the expense of all other government programs and services. It is time to look at all education spending at all levels and in all programs. We need to provide a top-notch education in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our children and the future of Wyoming depend on it.

Education spending will be the focus of legislative meetings tomorrow (Wednesday, 2-24) and Thursday (2-25). Meetings begin at 8:30 am on Wednesday and 8:00 am on Thursday. Watch the meetings here: