Don't Colorado my Wyoming

Sponsors of HB0209 - a bill to legalize marijuana in Wyoming - claim that it will bring revenue to our state. For Colorado that’s not been the case.

Government spending on marijuana-related impacts in Colorado has increased as the state has had to ramp up services related to public safety, public health care, education, and welfare, the costs of which have skyrocketed. This does not take into consideration the explosion of tent cities in what was once a beautiful cityscape, and the crime wave that legalization has brought.

New and expanded funds for the state to pay for public services? That’s not been the case in Colorado and it won’t be the case in Wyoming. The growth of government and a bigger deficit will be the product if this bill is passed. Besides which, whoever thought that it would be a good idea to legalize something that you know is bad for your citizens just so that you can tax it? Bad policy, bad taxes, horrible socio-economic impacts. Wyoming doesn’t need it.

This bill will be heard by the Judiciary Committee when the session re-convenes on Wednesday March 17th. This must be stopped. Please email the following members of the Committee and tell them Wyoming says NO to Marijuana.;;;;;;;;;;;;;