Denouncing Violence

In light of the ever-increasing media predictions that Trump-supporters and conservatives are plotting violent acts in our Nation’s Capitol during the Inauguration, the Wyoming Republican Party seeks to set the record straight. We whole-heartedly reject the false narrative repeatedly advanced by the media that conservative Trump supporters are bent on violence. Neither the Wyoming Republican Party nor any of its members have any plans to engage in violent activity. Not on January 20th, and not ever. Not in Washington, D.C., nor elsewhere. We denounce violent protests and acts in the strongest of terms, just like conservatives did during the riots that we have been witness to since last summer.

Our Party has never been about achieving goals through violence. The conservatives we know are too busy doing their jobs, running their businesses, and raising their families, to plan and engage in violence. The same cannot be said for the leftist groups now active within the Democrat Party. Democrat leaders and the liberal media have largely refused to denounce the riots that began last summer and continued through this week in NYC. Those riots involved burned cities, leveled businesses, and attacks on law enforcement officers and innocent civilians. They have left a trail of destruction previously unknown in the United States. It will take decades for many of these communities to recover.

We have serious concerns regarding whether this drumbeat of “violent conservatives” is being advanced to provide cover for the now all-too-familiar leftist groups, encouraging them to engage in pre-planned violent acts so that the Republican Party can be blamed. If someone had suggested this 3 months ago, we would have laughed at them. However, this appears to be our new reality. With the media spewing falsehoods constantly and in overdrive to vilify conservatives, the tech giants actively suppressing Republican free speech in America, and the U.S. military ramped up, the stage appears to be set to frame, arrest, and silence conservative voices.

The Wyoming Republican Party will continue to live under the banner that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Rights given by God cannot be taken from us by government. We will stand on our God-given freedom to PEACEABLY exercise free speech, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and advocate for a better tomorrow. We will continue to speak, even when some deem our positions unpopular, twist our words, and attempt to shame or intimidate us into silence.

After all, that is how this country has succeeded for nearly 250 years. That is what our founders modeled for us in their bold statements in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. And that is how we win the minds and souls of our fellow citizens.