OCTOBER 26, 2020

Wyoming Democrat Candidates must be held accountable for the remarks made by the leaders of their party.

Joe Biden's anti-oil statements may seem ludicrous but, keep in mind that he speaks for everyone with a "D" behind their name. Democrat candidates in Wyoming will be mandated by their Presidential nominee, and the National Democrat Party, to legislate the obliteration of oil and gas jobs. The county commissioner candidates will work hand-in-glove with Biden and the Wyoming Democrat Party to put Wyoming folks out of work and shut down many businesses.

The revenue streams generated by oil and gas companies are in large part the financiers of Wyoming schools and much of the state budget. Additionally, such action would devastate many downstream businesses.

This talk is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton and her remarks about putting coal miners out of business 4 years ago, and look at what has happened to Wyoming coal since then. This must be stopped. Wyoming must vote Republican! #RedDownTheBallot #Trump2020