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October 20, 2020

LARAMIE - Why is the Democrat National Party meddling in the appointment of the sheriff in Albany County, Wyoming? See the attached email from an attorney representing the Democrat National Party, in which he tried to convince the County Attorney not to oppose the legal action filed by the local Democrat Party to interfere with the process. Is the Democrat National Party looking to defund or underfund the Sheriff’s Office? Are they looking to “change the culture” of law enforcement in Albany County? Do they intend to replace law enforcement officers with counselors and social workers like they proposed in other States? Do they intend to turn a blind eye to looting, “peaceful protests,” and rioting in the streets? Could Laramie suffer the same fate as Portland? 

These questions would have sounded crazy a year ago. However, anyone watching the events of the last 8 months should understand these concerns are now real and the Democrats have disrespected and sought to undermine law enforcement. Albany County residents, business owners, and property owners have every right to be concerned given the Democrats’ track record nationwide over the last 8 months. Similarly, every parent of University of Wyoming students should be concerned for their safety.

Wyoming law requires that the names of 3 candidates to replace the current sheriff, who resigned this Fall, be provided to the County Commissioners by the incumbent’s party within 15 days after he receives notice of the vacancy. Notice was provided on September 16th by the Albany County Commission, the body charged by statute with the authority to determine when a vacancy exists. The Albany County Commissioner’s view is that it has done its job; now the Albany County Democrat Party needs to do its job. Instead, the Democrat National Party is seeking to delay the process until the newly-elected County Commission takes office January 3rd in hopes that Democrats might have a majority of the 3 County Commissioners. Currently, the Board is comprised of 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat. It appears to be political gamesmanship by the Democrat Party at its worst and wreaks of opposition to law enforcement. 

The case will play out in the Courts, as it should, and the Judge will issue a final decision in November. However, that’s not the big story here. More worrisome than the local gamesmanship is the liberal, anti-law enforcement agenda the Democrat National Party may be seeking to implement in Wyoming in the county where many Wyomingites send their children for college.

The Wyoming Republican Party backs our men and women in law enforcement and is calling for the Democrat National Party to end this effort putting politics before community safety.  We call for Republicans statewide to become informed on the issue.  We also call for support of Republican candidates up and down the ballot who will oppose efforts to implement radical liberal policies here in Wyoming, including current attempts to undermine law enforcement.

Let’s keep Wyoming great!

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Ariana Wood
Ariana Wood
11 Eki 2021

Appreciate your bloog post

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