January 29, 2019


HB0106 - Party affiliation changes HB 106 to stop cross-over voting passed the Agriculture Committee this morning however, it will only require that citizens be registered within two weeks prior to the primary. This almost completely nullifies all of the work that we have done to stop cross-over voting.

Please call your representatives (contact information listed in the attached image) IMMEDIATELY and demand a May 1 deadline to affiliate. SF0160 - Change in political party affiliation-2 Additionally, today upon adjournment SF160 will go before the Senate Agriculture Committee. SF 160 calls for individuals to be registered two weeks prior to absentee ballots being mailed. This bill would take care of the void left by HB 106. Please contact the committee members AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and ask them to vote YES on SF160. We also need good representation at this meeting if you can be there please join us! Brian Boner (307) 359-0707 Anthony Bouchard (307) 212-6464 RJ Kost WY State Senator for District #19 (307) 754-7174 Glenn Moniz 307) 760-1116 Cheri Steinmetz for Senate District 3 (307) 534-5342 Remember write-ins allow registered voters to choose any candidate they wish. Thank you for your continual efforts to promote election integrity in Wyoming!

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