Minutes 2015 04 11

Minutes 2015 04 11

Central Committee Minutes: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee Meeting


April 11, 2015 – Wold Physical Science Building On Casper College Campus In Casper, WY


As approved July 25, 2015.

Chairman Hooper called the meeting to order at 9:10AM. Governor Matt Mead called in and addressed the members of the State Central Committee (SCC) and thanked Chairman Hooper for four (4) years of service.

Amy Womack, State Committeewoman from Natrona County gave the invocation and Brian Scott Gamroth, State Committeeman from Natrona County led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, addressed the SCC and gave us her contact information which is: 307-777-7675 (Rita Watson, her scheduler); [omitted due to privacy concerns] (personal cell) and e-mail superintendent@wyo.gov.

Secretary Foster read letters from the Governor Mead, Senator Enzi, Secretary of State Murray and State Treasurer Gordon.

Chairman Hooper appointed the proxy and teller committee: Mitch Edwards, Albany; Terry Weikcum, Carbon; Karl Allred, Uinta; Jim Collins, Hot Springs and Secretary Foster

Roll Call was taken and there were 65 attendees and 6 proxies for a total of 71. Majority is 36 and two-thirds is 47.

Mitch Edwards from Albany made a motion to adopt the agenda; motion was seconded; motion passed.

Wade Dennis from Crook made a motion to approve the 2-28-15 minutes; motion was seconded; motion passed.

Doug Chamberlain, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report. Chairman Hooper announced that Mr. Chamberlain has paid for the copies of the Treasurer’s report out of his own pocket and not expense to the party. Treasurer’s report is attached. The following counties and people presented checks: Natrona County – $5000; Sheridan County – $6530; Converse County – $1500; Carbon County $1399; Marti Halverson – $1000 and Lindy Linn from Fremont County – $100. This brings the county shares from $70,000 on the report to just a little over $85,000. Karl Allred from Unita made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report; motion seconded; motion passes.

Bonnie Foster, Brian Scott Gamroth and Amy Womack from Natrona County made a proposal to host the 2016 State Convention in Casper on April 14-16, 2016. Karl Allred from Uinta made a motion to approve Casper at this host in 2016; motion seconded; motion passes. Bonnie Foster also recognized Cathy Ide and Chuck Gray who were in the galley, along with Annie Sanders, Yvonne Freemole and Leslie Hendry as members of the committee working on the proposal.

Karl Allred from Uinta made a motion to amend the agenda to allow Tom Reeder a precinct committeeman from Natrona County is allowed to present his complaint that he has sent out to the SCC to settle a dispute in Natrona County. The motion was seconded; voted on; division called; the motion passes 40 ayes and 31 nays. Leland Christensen from Teton County made a motion to limit each present to 5 minutes per person; motion seconded; division called; motion fails 42 ayes and 39 nays. Mr. Reeder presented his position and Chairman Foster from Natrona County presented her response; questions were taken from the SCC. Jeb Hanson from Niobrara moved to end debate; motion seconded to cease discussion. Island Richards from Sweetwater made a motion for the SCC to take no action on this matter; motion seconded. Greg Schaefer, NCM, moved to call the previous question which was to end debate; motion seconded; motion passed. Back to motion to take no action; division was called and the motion to take no action by the SCC passed 38 ayes and the nays were not counted; motion passed.

Election of officers for 2015-2017

Secretary: Island Richards from Sweetwater nominated Charles Curley from Hot Springs; Amy Womack from Natrona nominated Leigh Vosler from Laramie County. Carla Klopfenstein from Sheridan moved nominations cease; motion seconded; motion passes. Charles Curley 44 and Leigh Vosler 27.

Vice Chairman: William Curley from Weston nominated Chris Smith. Collin Simpson from Park made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for Chris Smith; motion seconded; motion passes; Chris Smith wins unanimously.

Chairman: Jared Olsen from Laramie nominated Matt Micheli from Laramie; Hugh Hageman from Goshen nominated Frank Earthorne from Converse County. Karl Allred from Uinta moved that nominations cease; motion seconded; motion passes. Matt Micheli 37 and Frank Earthorne 34.

Chairman Hooper gave a few comments talking about the history of when she took over and where the party is now.

Before the district elections Secretary Foster along with Vice-Chairman presented Chairman Hooper with a card and a gift of appreciation.

Election of District Representatives

Region Representative Alternate
1 Keren Meister-Emerich, Laramie Kerry Powers, Platte
2 Island Richards, Sweetwater Karl Allred, Uinta
3 Margaret Tueller, Lincoln JuliAnne Forrest, Teton
4 John Brown, Fremont Kathy Russell, Converse
5 Fred Frandson, Washakie Rob DiLorenzo, Big Horn
6 Marilyn Connolly, Johnson Janet Mader, Campbell
7 Corey Steinmetz, Goshen Wade Dennis, Crook

Karl Allred from Uinta made a motion to not meet again in a place that doesn’t allow us our constitutional right to bear arms; motion seconded. Wade Dennis from Crook proposed a friendly amendment to the motion to not meet in a place without a flag; the mover accepted the amendment. The chair ruled friendly amendments out of order. Mr. Dennis again moved the amendment; it was seconded and approved. The main motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie M. Foster, Secretary

Webmaster’s Note: The districts consist of the following counties:

  • District #1 Albany, Laramie, Platte
  • District #2 Carbon, Sweetwater, Uinta
  • District #3 Lincoln, Sublette, Teton
  • District #4 Converse, Fremont, Natrona
  • District #5 Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie
  • District #6 Campbell, Johnson, Sheridan
  • District #7 Crook, Goshen, Niobrara, Weston

(Bylaws V.10.2)

Call to Meeting

(The call to meeting, preserved for historical interest. — Webmaster)

This meeting will elect state party officers and determine the dates and site of our next state convention. We will start planning for the national convention which will need to include the possibility of a Super Tuesday for the west.  We will also go over the RNC rule changes related to delegates and alternates.

Wold Physical Science Center, Room 103
Casper College
Casper, WY
Check In begins at 8:00 am
Meeting Begins at: 9:00 am

Leadership Orientation: Friday, April 10, 2015

Parkway Plaza Hotel, Tiffany Room-Located at the top of the stairs inside the front door. 123 W E St, Casper, WY 82601, +1-307-232-2140

Meeting will start at 2pm and we will go until we are finished.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Legal requirements of counties, including but not limited to allowable fundraising activities, WYCFIS reporting and election code.
  • 2016 Presidential Cycle dates
  • Contact information for elected officials
  • Protocol
The Wyoming Republican Party