Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the State Central Committee shall consist of the officers of the State Central Committee the seven district representatives as specified in subsection (b) and any other members appointed by the State Chairman.… The Executive Committee of the State Central Committee shall … carry out policies established by the State Central Committee, and between meetings of the State Central Committee, shall exercise the powers of the State Central Committee.

Bylaws Art. V § 10


Chairman Matt Micheli
Vice Chair Chris Smith
Secretary Charles Curley
National Committeewoman Marti Halverson
National Committeeman Richard George 
Treasurer Doug Chamberlain
Legal Counsel Mitch Edwards

Members at Large

W. Frank Eathorne

District Representatives

1: Albany, Laramie, Platte
Representative: Keren Meister-Emerich
Alternate: Kerry Powers

2: Carbon, Sweetwater, Uinta
Representative: Island Richards
Alternate: Karl Allred

3: Lincoln, Sublette, Teton
Representative: Margaret Tueller
Alternate: Vacant

4: Converse, Fremont, Natrona
Representative: John Brown
Alternate: Kathy Russell

5: Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie
Representative: Rob DiLorenzo
Alternate: Vacant

6: Campbell, Johnson, Sheridan
Representative: Marilyn Connolly
Alternate: Janet Mader

7: Crook, Goshen, Niobrara, Weston
Representative: Corey Steinmetz
Alternate: Wade Dennis

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