Chairwoman McDaniel: It’s Going to be a Great Celebration in Jacksonville

EARHARDT: What will Jacksonville allow you guys to do that Charlotte won't?
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Well, one, the mayor, Lenny Curry and also Governor DeSantis have just worked with us every step of the way. And they want this to be a great event to show that their state is open, America is open for business, so we are going to have an arena.


We are obviously going to put safety checks in place to make sure the convention goers are safe, but we are going to have a packed arena. We are going to recognize the renomination of our President as we go on to re-elect him in November, and it's going to be a great celebration. And Governor Cooper in North Carolina refused to work with us. It became very apparent that he was not going to give us guidelines so that we could hold our convention and we had to move the celebration part to Florida, but we will still have the business of the convention in North Carolina. We love both states.

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