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RNC Executive Committee Passes Resolution Condemning Democrats’ Secretive Impeachment “Investigation”

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel issued the following statement after the RNC’s Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution in support of President Trump and the Graham-McConnell resolution:

"Today, members of the RNC Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution of support for our president and the Graham-McConnell resolution condemning the unprecedented actions of House Democrats," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "However baseless this inquiry may be, if House Democrats are intent on pursuing their political vendetta against President Trump, he should at least be afforded the same due process as every other American. Their unwillingness to do that is further evidence that this partisan sham is nothing more than a desperate attempt to take down a president they know they can’t beat at the ballot box." 


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President Trump's Accomplishments

Reading through this long list of worthy accomplishments is WHY we need to work hard for our president to ensure a Trump 2020 victory

The below is a brief summary of the top accomplishments achieved under President
Trump’s administration. (Updated Oct. 5, 2019)
President Trump’s policies have put the American economy into high gear.
• Since President Trump was elected over 6.5 million jobs have been created.
• Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since the president was elected.
• Highlights of September’s jobs report:


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State Central Committee Meets in Greybull

The Wyoming Republican Party State Central Committee held their quarterly meeting in the Big Horn Basin August 23rd and 24th, 2019.

Letter from the Chairman - Socialism

The freedom to pursue the American Dream is at the very core of American exceptionalism. Prosperity in our nation is due in no small part to individuals seeking to prosper while living in financial, economic and social freedom. Our nation’s founders knew it was not the job of the government to implement central planning.  Instead they designed the government to maintain a climate in which individuals would succeed in proportion to their work ethic and desire to prosper. Our system of government, instituted through the Constitution, provides for equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

National Committeeman Selected

Casper, WY - In a special meeting held Saturday, June 29, elected members of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee selected Corey Steinmetz to serve as the National Committeeman.

GOP Reacts to First Night of the Democrat Primary Debate

Wyoming Republican Party (WRP) Chairman W Frank Eathorne released the following statement in response to the first night of the Democrat primary debate:  

 We watched the first Democratic Presidential debates last night ... and we’re still waiting to see Wyoming’s core values addressed by the Democratic candidates. 


Governor Gordon appoints Nathaniel Hibben to be a Circuit Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon has appointed Nathaniel Hibben to be a Circuit Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District serving Goshen County, Wyoming. Hibben’s appointment fills the vacancy left by the retirement of Judge Randal Arp.

Hibben is currently an attorney working in private practice and a Municipal Judge in the town of Torrington. He previously served as a public defender and as Deputy Goshen County Attorney. Hibben grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, received a B.S. in History from Iowa State University and graduated cum laude from Liberty University School of Law. Nathaniel, his wife Chelsea and his four children have lived in Torrington since 2009.

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