RNC Releases New TV Ad, Expand on $25M Investment

WASHINGTON -  The Republican National Committee announced today it will invest over $3 million in a new TV advertisement running in Michigan and North Carolina now through Election Day. The announcement expands the RNC’s massive $25 million investment in TV advertising in battleground states.


The new ad, titled “On the Ballot,” clearly lays out what is at stake in this election: repealing tax cuts, raising taxes, and government-run health care under Democrat leadership versus Medicare protection, low taxes, and more jobs with Republicans at the helm.

“As part of the RNC’s multifaceted effort to target and turn out voters in the final days of this election season, we are highlighting the stark contrast between the Republican Party’s message of prosperity and Democrats’ plans for a government takeover of every aspect of our lives,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “We are reminding voters that their choice is clear on November 3rd : economic success and Medicare protection under Republican leadership or higher taxes, job-killing regulations, and government-run health care if the Democrats get their way.”

Watch the RNC’s latest ad, “On the Ballot,” here.


This latest ad is the third installment in a series of ads recently launched by the RNC. Two other ads, “Noise” and “Change in Coverage,” are running in the battleground states of Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin to target seniors on health care messaging. The ads highlight the massive $2.25 trillion price tag for Joe Biden’s health care plan that would raise taxes and lead to single-payer health care, which could jeopardize access to quality care, especially for seniors, and could lead to the elimination of some private insurance options. 

The ads contrast this message with how the Trump Administration has strengthened Medicare by fighting to deliver greater security, affordability, fairness, and economic stability to our nation's seniors. Under eight years of the Biden-Obama Administration, premiums for Medicare health plans went up. President Trump has lowered Medicare Advantage premiums by 34 percent nationwide – the lowest level in 14 years.   

The ad directs viewers to SeniorsBeware.com where they can learn more about the dangers of a Biden-Harris health care plan.


“Change in Coverage”


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