2019 Resolutions

Resolutions passed by the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee since state convention, May 2018


in Support of the Current Composition of the United States Supreme Court passed November 16, 2019

Whereas, there have been calls by the political left to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court of the United States, some calling to increase the number from nine to 11, or 15, or even 59; and

Whereas, the SCOTUS is, and should be, non-political - yet many Americans today view the Supreme Court as a political institution, and adding or subtracting justices on a whim would only exacerbate that perception; and

Whereas, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “the court’s most senior liberal justice,” has said that any such plan would make the court look partisan, and “it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court”; and

Whereas, the number of justices has remained at nine for 152 years, despite attempts in the 1930s to increase the number; and

Whereas, President Roosevelt’s 1937 plan to increase the number of justices was opposed by his own majority political party, that accurately said his plan was only to “neutralize the views of some of the present members;” and

Whereas, political plans to expand the size of the court are a direct, immediate threat to the independence of the federal judiciary; and

Whereas, expansion of the Supreme Court is an effort to short-circuit one of the Constitution’s restraints on the majority party; and

Whereas, although there might be a debatable need to increase the capacity of the federal judiciary, attempts to expand SCOTUS amount to “court-packing;” and

Whereas, it has been said that “those who urge expanding the size of the Supreme Court seek not to increase its capacity but to change its output: they want to alter the actual decisions the court makes.” Now, therefore, let it be

Resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party supports the current SCOTUS membership of nine justices, and urges the Wyoming delegation to Washington, D.C. to vigorously oppose any and all efforts to increase SCOTUS membership.


in Support of Election Audits and Manual Recounts passed November 16, 2019

WHEREAS, states across the Union are working to harden their voting systems against bad actors, foreign and domestic; and

WHEREAS, in addition to voter photo identification, the continued use of paper ballots, the avoidance of the use of the internet in any voting system, the implementation of election audits is becoming popular around the country; and

WHEREAS, election audits are performed when the polls close and also within a week of the polls closing; and

WHEREAS, an audit shall comprise both a results audit and a process audit; and

WHEREAS, the hand-counting of paper ballots shall be incorporated to any post-election audit, or results challenge, rather than only a machine recount; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party urges Wyoming lawmakers to develop election audit systems and manual recounts to further ensure the integrity of our election systems.


Resolution to stop 20LSO-0217 re Licensing of vendors of gambling and/or games of chance passed November 16, 2019

Whereas: The Joint Committee of Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources is producing a draft Bill 20LSO-0217 that would transfer the pari-mutuel commission to a gaming commission. giving the Commission and its employees full police power to oversee all forms of gambling and games of chance.

Whereas: Per this bill any person holding, conducting, offering, supplying or distributing a game of chance must hold a License issued in accordance with this act. And every Licensee must file a report every Wednesday. And pay a fee on the total amount wagered. The amount to be ¼% to the Commission, 1% to the Commission for the Town, City or County and ¼% to the Commission for a Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account.

Whereas: Per this Bill the Commission shall the power to establish all rules, fines, fees and restrictions on licensees, transfer of license and for vendors, devices and record keeping requirements for licensees, vendors and suppliers.

Whereas: Per this Bill any game of chance shall not be conducted in any unincorporated area of a County or in any Municipality until the question has been put before the people to accept or reject games of chance. And no person under 18 years of age may participate in any game of chance.

Whereas: The Wyoming Republican Party Platform stands for small Government and NOT handing over power to a Commission to create law, impose taxes, fines and then have police power to enforce.

Whereas: This Bill would restrict or even stop the ability of charity fundraisers both large and small throughout Wyoming. And create another government layer to further increase government control over the people’s freedoms and liberties.

Therefore: The Wyoming Republican Committee shall stand against 20LSO-0217 and any Legislation that would create Gaming Commission. And request all Republican legislators to help stop any from legislation proceeding.


In support of the WRP Governance Review and Feedback Committee passed November 16, 2019

Whereas, the Tenth Platform of the Wyoming Republican Party states that “The most effective, responsible and responsive government is government that is closest to the People. Government that governs least governs best.”

Whereas the Wyoming State Republican Party has, with full consideration, discussion, and notification of the local County Parties as well as individual Republicans or their elected representatives on Wyoming Republican Party’s State Central Committee, created a Governance Review and Feedback Committee (GRFC) with members selected through a well-defined process and which publicly discloses all participants and governing guidelines, and

Whereas Article 3, Section 42 of the Wyoming Constitution specifically prohibits any member of the legislature “give his vote or influence in favor of or against any other measure or proposition pending or proposed to be introduced into such legislature” be it known that there is no intent or mechanics requiring Republican legislators to submit proposed legislation to the GRFC for review, approval, or redrafting prior to being introduced to the legislature, instead the GRFC asks the publicly appointed members of the Wyoming Legislature who willfully participate as advisers to the GRFC for assistance regarding legislative proceedings generally unavailable to the GRFC that ought be considered when analyzing the success of the GRFC legislative agenda task at the conclusion of each legislative session, so that the GRFC committee, through its efforts, actions, and intent are able to fully comply with constitutional requirements to create an essential conduit for information and basis for accountability to serve the best interest Wyoming Republican Party members, and

Whereas the actions of the GRFC consolidate objective quantifiable data, utilize and engage teams of openly and publicly appointed members to review publicly proposed legislation, and such activity offers Republican voters an ability to edify and enhance their voice with their chosen Representatives and Senators, it becomes possible to enact a consistent sustainable process to achieve the 3rd designated role of the Wyoming Republican Party as stated in our Bylaws, “…; to achieve the election of Republican candidates who substantially uphold the platform of the Wyoming Republican Party; …” and recognizing the fact that our Bylaws also state that, “A platform is a declared policy of a political party and consists of timeless and enduring constitutional conservative principals.”,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party fully supports, as of the date of this resolution, the formation of, the principled intent of, and the current activity of the Governance Review and Feedback Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party as was initiated in the Wyoming Republican Party Campaign Plan, voted upon and approved unanimously by the State Central Committee in November 2017.


Re Apportionment of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming passed November 16, 2019

Whereas, the Founders of our nation, meeting in Philadelphia in 1787, after due consideration of the relative merits of Democracies and Republics, presented the nation with the most successful form of government yet devised by man, their Republic:

The Constitution of the United States of America


Whereas, their ingenious system was a collection of concise but detailed information of checks and balances upon the power of the branches of government, directed at giving the majority its rights, but providing due deference to minorities; and

Whereas, the government could have never been formed without enfranchising both the people and their property … a problem which they solved in the way that they made up the Congress, a compromise which resulted in the equal representation of the States in the Senate (no matter how small) and the guaranteed representation of each State (no matter how small) in the House of Representatives; and

Whereas, the national model provided by the Founders for successful government lay in recognizing distinct political entities solving distinct local problems, such as those known to the Founders to be manifested in the diverse original 13 Colonies, was subsequently venerated as a viable model for the make-up of State governments; and

Whereas, the Federal Constitution guarantees under Article IV Section 4 to each State … “a Republican Form of Government” … it is undeniable that the Forefathers of the State of Wyoming in 1890 were correct in deciding that the political subdivisions of this State, namely the Counties, were entitled, following the Federal model, to enfranchise each County with two Senators and at least one Representative in the House of Representatives in the Wyoming State Legislature; and

Whereas, Washakie County from 1911 to 1992 was considered its own Legislative District with its own State Senator and one Representative in the Wyoming House of Representatives; and

Whereas, the Supreme Court “Warren Court” of the United States of America in the mid-1960s misapplied their ruling under the 14th Amendment in Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533, as was proven by the dissenting opinion of Justice John Marshall Harlan II, when they ruled that the 14th Amendment required the Senates of State Legislatures be apportioned on the basis of population rather than on the basis of political subdivisions … the Counties; and

Whereas, the imposition of Federal Court Ordered reapportionment of State Legislatures is beyond argument a tyranny of the Federal Government, the child of the States, being imposed upon its Father and Superior, the Sovereign States; and

Whereas, it is impossible to conceive and historically inaccurate to believe that the States would have ratified an Amendment to the Constitution in July 9, 1868 that repealed their ability to apportion their Legislatures; and

Whereas, the unintended consequence of this Federal meddling has resulted in the fragmentation of the County system of government and the loss of the representation and understanding of the distinct and unique problems of large areas of the State, not to mention the chaos of gerrymandered voting districts; and

Whereas, this solution re-enfranchises rural areas, instantly does away with the present grotesquely gerrymandered Wyoming legislative districts, gives manifestly fair representation to all parties and restores Our republican form of government; and

Whereas, we respectfully request the Legislature of the State of Wyoming to apportion our Legislature, following the model of representation in the Federal system in the Congress of the United States of America and asserting the Guarantee of a Republican form of government as described in Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America so that: The Senate of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming shall consist only of two Senators with a two (2) year Terms from each County of this State; and The members of the House of Representatives of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming shall consist of at least 60 members with a two (2) year term and shall be adjudicated County by County on the basis that the number of citizens in each county bears to the population of the whole State of Wyoming, provided that no member may represent the citizens of more than one county, further that each county shall have at least one representative in the Legislature and provided further that no county may have more than 10 representatives; and

Now Therefore Be it Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party strongly urges the Legislature of the State of Wyoming to assert their Duties as the guardians of the rights of the citizens of this great state and appoint a special committee to draft and work to pass a new law that will return the apportionment of the Legislature County by County as required by the current Constitution of the State of Wyoming, Article 3 Section 3.


Presidential election by Electoral College and rejection of popular vote Passed November 16, 2019

Whereas, this nation was founded upon ideals of equal representation and the protection of minority interests.

Whereas, the Founders were concerned about the dominance of larger states dictating the interests of smaller states.

Whereas the Founders believed true power lie with the people but were also wary of pure Democracy, which is subject to domination of minority groups by larger groups, as well as the tendency toward mob rule.

Whereas, the Founders believed in the right of persons to vote freely and select representatives to run their government.

Whereas, through this concern, the Founders enacted a tri-branch system of government designed to level out the influence of certain states with the interests of smaller states as described herein:

1) A legislature each state receiving two senators (originally selected by state legislators) in a Senate and a set number of Members of Congress based upon population to form the House of Representatives; this Congress is to create law.

2) A President to enforce the law, elected by the people as set out below, as the Executive branch.

3) A Supreme Court, to interpret law, selected by the President and approved by the Senate, as the Judicial Branch.

Whereas, through this concern, the Founders created the Electoral College in Presidential elections to protect the interests of smaller states by selecting representatives for the actual election of the President.

Whereas, the Founders valued states’ rights above federal rights.

Whereas, this system is designed to give a larger voice to states who would otherwise have none.

Whereas, this system is designed to avoid mob rule.

Whereas, this system currently requires presidential candidates to consider the needs of people in smaller states, thereby creating a more equal and complete representation of all the peoples of the United States of America through our executive branch.

Therefore, be it Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party rejects the National Popular Vote movement, whereby states would sacrifice the choice of its own people to reflect the winner of the national popular vote, which is likely to be dominated by New York and California, meaning that these two states would dominate the will of the smaller states due to these two state’s population alone.

Be it Resolved, that this result is contrary to the will of the Founders and undermines at least two of the core components of our Constitutional system:

1) The protection of minority interests against majorities.

2) The sovereignty of the state

Be it Resolved, that a National Popular Vote System would also destroy the character of American culture, politics, and life because certain regions would cease to hold any import or interest in Presidential politics.

Be it Resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party Supports and celebrates the National Electoral College System in its present form.

Be it Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party rejects any changes to the electoral system.


Selection of Delegates to the Republican National Convention passed November 16, 2019

Whereas, The Wyoming Republican Party; representing over 150,000 registered Republican voters, the proud home to 23 individual but united counties that combined cover a land mass footprint of over 97,900 square miles, as well as the greatest energy producing state in the nation by way of coal and natural gas,

Whereas, the 2018 Bylaws of the Wyoming Republican Party specifically outline the national delegate selection process and the proper way to make amendments to the process,

Whereas, pursuant to Wyoming State law, only the delegates duly elected to the State Convention have the authority to make changes to the governing documents of the Wyoming Republican Party regarding the method of selecting national delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention,

Whereas, specifically W.S. 22-4-118(a)(v)(C) states that the State Convention (of either party, Republicans or Democrats) has the power and duty to formulate or change the rules governing the internal organizations of the party, which rules must include “the method of selecting delegates and alternates to the national convention;”

Be it resolved, that the Wyoming Republican Party, irrespective of any individual County’s self-professed status, nor in comparison to any other county within the State of Wyoming, believes all of its counties stand equally among their sister counties across the state regardless of size, population, revenue, assessed value, perceived importance, or number at the beginning of their license plates, fully supports and intends to pursue a change to the State Bylaw regarding the national delegate selection process, by utilizing (and acting completely within) the official process, to be properly made part of the Republican Party State Convention, in accordance with the current Bylaws of the Wyoming Republican Party to: distribute one delegate and one alternate per county to the Republican National Convention for every National Convention from such time said change would legally take effect after its passage at Wyoming’s Republican Party State Convention forward in perpetuity. Additionally, any remaining delegate positions left vacant after the even and equal distribution among the 23 counties of the state of Wyoming should be distributed to the State Chairman, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman respectively with any further vacancies to be filled in the standard “at-large” manner conducted at State Convention.

Furthermore, any change made outside of a State Convention to the method of selection of national delegates would be an obvious and direct violation of Wyoming State Law and the Bylaws of our own Party. Therefore, the State Central Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party applauds the Executive Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party for continuing to support healthy debate on this issue, while at no time having taken any official action other than research, review, and reporting of findings to date, until the appropriate time for action at the Wyoming Republican Party State Convention.


re First Amendment Rights and Limitations to Protect Against Disciplinary Actions

“Expression Within a Private Organization” passed November 16, 2019

Whereas neither the Wyoming Republican Party, nor any of the subordinate entities within its organizational structure, to include any and all committees, task forces, or county parties, are recognized branches of the government, but functional subsets of the private organization known as the Republican National Committee,

Whereas the first amendment applies to all Americans in affairs public, governmental, and social, it does not supersede the governing documents that regulate conduct and expression within the confines of a private organization whose membership is made up of voluntary constituents,

Whereas all members of a private organization are members by virtue of will and not force, it is acknowledged and embraced that to maintain good order and discipline within the organization, to expedite the functional handling of business, to establish loyalty and solidarity, and to ultimately preserve the integrity of the organization, members are expected to abide by the rules of the organization that they voluntarily have joined.

Whereas any governing body, including the Wyoming Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee should continually attempt to maintain good order, discipline, loyalty, and integrity, by applying the principles of our platform, by-laws, and governing documents including, but not limited to, Roberts Rules of Order CH XX (disciplinary procedures,)

Whereas any notification from a governing body, including the Wyoming Republican Party, that violating our party’s principals, by-laws, governing documents, or rules of order, could subject a fellow Republican to a disciplinary committee review or disciplinary actions runs directly in lock step with Republican Party and Constitutional principles of individual responsibility, good order, and the sovereignty of a private organization.

Be it resolved, The Wyoming Republican Party fully embraces properly utilizing the disciplinary procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order (CH XX) toward any member of this body as members of a private organization, by any parent body echelons above the county level, for conduct in violation of Robert’s Rules of Order, our by-laws, and platform.


Opposing New or Increased Taxes in Wyoming passed November 16, 2019

WHEREAS, the Joint Revenue Committee is proposing increases to property taxes, expanding the sales tax to include services, establishing new taxing districts, and other new or increased taxes or service charges; and

WHEREAS, the Committee is reviving the corporate income tax which failed in 2019; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party reiterates its support for the Resolution passed by the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee in Cheyenne on January 12, 2019 opposing the increase in taxes and supporting fiscal restraint.


Against Tax Increase passed January 12, 2019

The State of Wyoming and its people have long valued Liberty, self-reliance & conservative values.  The Republican Party, from the National to State and to County, in their platforms and resolutions has long called for fiscal conservatism.

WHEREAS since 2000, Wyoming has had unprecedented growth in government, making Wyoming the #1 state in the ratio of government employees per capita; and

WHEREAS the current economy can no longer sustain the fiscal irresponsibility of our State Government; and

WHEREAS the State Legislature has recently raised fees & licenses and is discussing creating new revenue enhancements and tax increases; and

WHEREAS Wyoming’s economy & business climate has put a strain on the remaining citizens personal budgets; and

WHEREAS the State Republican Platform states: “Liberty is indivisible from economic freedom. The free market economy is the economic system most compatible with the requirements of personal freedom and constitutional government. Government’s undue interference in the market, as well as the fiscal irresponsibility of government, results in economic inequity.  There exists no fundamental right to the fruits of another person’s labor”; and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party calls upon the State Legislature and the Governor to practice fiscal restraint, reign in spending and cut unnecessary budget items rather than increasing revenue streams.


Against State Income Tax passed May 4, 2019

Reaffirmation of resolution opposing state income tax

WHEREAS an income tax kills the profit motive,

WHEREAS an income tax adds much to the size of government,

WHEREAS having a state income tax in Wyoming takes away from our business-friendly climate,

WHEREAS HB 220, the National Retail Fairness Act, is an income tax and still might be under consideration,

The Wyoming Republican Party reaffirms its policy on a state income tax, which is, “The Wyoming Republican Party opposes the creation of a state income tax.”


Call for an Audit of the Federal Government passed May 4, 2019

WHEREAS the Wyoming Constitution unequivocally asserts in Article 1, Section 1, “All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness; for the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.” Furthermore, Article 1, Section 37 of the Wyoming Constitution recognizes the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land; moreover, the Constitution for the United States is a compact and the States are the principle stakeholders in this compact; consequently, ALL public servants of Wyoming who have taken the Oath of Office to “support, protect, and obey” the Constitution are responsible for maintaining the general government within its respective limits.  The State Legislators, as the legal sovereigns of the State as well as sovereigns over all things not delegated in the Constitution, are duty bound to interpose when the Constitution is being violated.

WHEREAS the United States Constitution is an enumerated Constitution and not a general Constitution where the former delegates limited and defined roles, responsibilities and powers for the general government and the latter would have delegated unlimited and ambiguous powers.  None of the States in the Republic, especially Wyoming and the original thirteen, acquiesced to an unlimited general government; and

WHEREAS during the Virginia Ratification Debates on the Constitution James Madison provided clear and succinct testimony on the 6th of June 1788, affirming and defining the limits of the general government jurisdiction as: “the powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction” and in the same debates, on the 20th of June 1788, John Marshall testified and defined the jurisdiction of the Federal court and Supreme Court as: “If they were to make a law not warranted by any of the powers enumerated, it would be considered by the judges as an infringement of the Constitution which they are to guard. They would not consider such a law as coming under their jurisdiction. They would declare it void.” Consequently, the general government and the federal courts jurisdiction are constrained to only the specific enumerated powers delegated; that if any new role, responsibility, or power to extend jurisdiction for the general government is to be created then that role, responsibility or power must be preceded by the Article V amendment process as agreed to in the ratification debates. This is the only agreed upon methodology and was adhered to by all parties for the first three decades; therefore, all jurisdictions must be challenged and proven within the Constitution of the United States to rectify all usurpations by any means and branches of the general government.   All powers and matters that are not delegated to the general government in congruence to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are reserved to the people and the States independently and collectively.

WHEREAS the Constitution being a compact among the States in the Union all the testimonies that clarified, explained, and defined the meaning of the Constitution during each States’ Ratification Debates of the U. S. Constitution are legally binding definitions of the Constitution for the United States as an inherent condition of contract law; and,

WHEREAS each State acceded to the compact titled “The Constitution for the United States of America” as a State, and is an integral party, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party and that in congruence with Article IV, Section 3 that “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”  These new States were expected to enter the Union with equal powers, equal footing, and equal sovereignty. To date there has been no amendment to alter the admission standards for new States joining the union, which degrades a new States’ sovereignty, nor was there any testimony or evidence provided in any of the State’s Ratification Debates of the Constitution that indicated any allowance for any new State to enter into the Union on any other footing than as equal independent sovereigns; and,

WHEREAS that the State of Wyoming and many other States who entered into the Union on unequal footing because of unconstitutional laws, regulations and statues established by the general government creating federally managed land areas for any purpose that is not enumerated within the Constitution; thus, these lands must be immediately restored as State property and that all unconstitutional deeds, rights, and treaties entered into by the general government are void and of no force; and,

WHEREAS Congress attempted three times to create the foundation for a Department of Transportation and that James Madison on March 3rd 1817 vetoed the “Internal Improvements Bill,” James Monroe on May 4th 1822 vetoed the “act for the preservation and repair of the Cumberland Road,” and Andrew Jackson on May 27th 1830 vetoed “Funding of Infrastructure Development;” that all three Presidents asserted that if Congress wished to create a new role, responsibility or power to create a foundation for the Department of Transportation that they would have to amend the Constitution first; consequently, the scope of the general government is strictly limited to enumerated roles, responsibilities and powers within the U. S. Constitution, and constitutionally ratified treaties, and amendments; however, the following Executive Departments are exercising roles, responsibilities, and powers that have not been formally delegated to the general government by the States via an Article V Amendment:  Interior, Justice, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, and Homeland Security, along with a plethora of agencies and offices; and,

WHEREAS no allowance or admission of case law and precedence were provided during the disparate Ratification Debates of the Constitution and that each and all of these debates were harmonious in defining the Constitution’s meaning and intent, that no contrary evidence was provided from all parties that testified in favor of the ratification of the Constitution; consequently, each description, elucidation, and definition provided during these debates are legally binding appendages to the Constitution; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the State of Wyoming lead the Republic in establishing an audit of the general government based upon the Constitution for the United States; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislators of the State of Wyoming review all roles, responsibilities and powers being exercised by the general government within the State of Wyoming to confirm that they were properly delegated to the general government by the States through the Constitutional Compact or by adhering to the Article Five process; (See the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798) and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the State of Wyoming call upon all States in the Republic to participate in the audit process as The Constitutional Republic to enforce the Constitution and to restore the Constitutional Republic; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that once a sufficient number of States have called for Republic Review and the roles, responsibilities and powers have been reviewed and those which do not pass the test of the Constitution have been identified, the States call for Congress in Directive Resolutions to Dismantle or schedule the Decommissioning of these roles, responsibilities and powers or go through the Article V amendment process to have them properly presented to the States for their ratification or dismissal; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislators of the State of Wyoming must also audit all assertions and assumptions beyond the establishment of the general government whether by ruling, act, law, regulation, statue, or order that is contrary to these descriptions, elucidations, and definitions and that they be identified as strict violations to the compact and that these rulings, acts, laws, regulations, statues, or orders be reversed or nullified and of no force. 


Supporting Conveyance of Federal Lands to States passed May 4, 2019

WHEREAS, the continued United States government ownership and control over the public lands unappropriated to the Western States at statehood has yielded repeated injuries, and a long train of abuses and usurpations, all having the direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States; and,

WHEREAS, the Unites States government promised all newly created states-- in their statehood enabling acts and acts of admission-- that they would be admited to the Union “on equal footing with the original states in all respoects” and with “the same rights of sovereignty, freedom and independence” as the original states; and,

WHEREAS, the United States government has erected a multitude of new agencies and departments populated by unelected bureaucrats, and sent hither swarms of these officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance; and

WHEREAS, these Western States are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States; and,

WHEREAS, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel us to this Resolution, but the Republican National Committee asks that Resolutions be limited to one page; and

WHEREAS, the United States government has abolished the founding principle of federalism, establishing in the Western States an arbitrary government, enlarging its boundaries and instituting absolute rule into these Western State colonies; now, therefore, let it be

RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls upon President Trump, the United States Congress, and the Judiciary to honor to all willing Western States the same statehood promise to dispose of the federal, public lands that it honored with all states east of Colorado and Hawaii, and convey to the Western States the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God and the Constitution entitle them; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls upon all national and state leaders and representatives to exert their utmost power, influence and authority to urge the legal, responsible transfer of the federal, public lands to all willing Western States for the benefit of these Western States and the entire nation.

Health and Society

SOGI Laws passed January 12, 2019

WHEREAS the Party of Abraham Lincoln was created to abolish slavery, recognizing the dignity and equality of every human being under the law; and this same Republican Party continued to lead the fight for the natural rights of our common humanity, against the Jim Crow laws of the southern Democrats; and still stands for the rights of all people regardless of color, culture, ideology, or religion, and

WHEREAS such equal protection under the law demands protection against personal injury or property loss, but cannot demand affirmation of personal ideas, choices, or behaviors without infringing upon the integrity and property rights of other persons; yet “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) laws obliterate this foundational legal distinction, and

WHEREAS, laws using undefined and undefinable terms are inherently unjust, depriving persons under the law of any reasonable opportunity to know in advance how the law will be applied to them; and “gender Identity” lacks any definite legal content such that even its proponents are unable either to list every current identity, or rule out the addition of new identities in the future, and

WHEREAS wherever the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” have been added to anti-discrimination laws, this ill-defined language has enabled unjust prosecution and legal harassment such as…

  • Forcing owners to use their own private property for objectionable uses…
  • Stripping owners of the right to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of patrons in showers, privacy facilities, etc…
  • Stripping owners of the right to hire persons of their own choosing…
  • Forcing the use of pronouns, titles, and other speech demanded by others…
  • Forcing artists to produce creative speech against their own views...
  • Stripping mental health workers of the right to treat patients according to the best standards…
  • Stripping physicians of the right to decide treatments according to their own judgement of what is best for a patient…

These and many other violations of personal integrity and property rights, are not only theoretical, but the actual ongoing results of SOGI laws which have closed businesses, confiscated savings, destroyed reputations, and costs millions in legal defense, and

WHEREAS even one use of a law that allows an unjust outcome is enough proof that it is a bad law; yet we have seen not one, but many cases where “sexual orientation and gender identity” language was used to materially harm law-abiding citizens depriving them of liberty, property and good name, therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party stand opposed to the insertion of “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” language into any policy, ordinance, guideline, or statute at every level of government, and be it further

RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party continue to protect the dignity, safety and integrity of every human being by advocating for just, defined, and limited laws which protect persons from injury and their property from loss while not punishing anyone for holding, expressing, or acting upon their sincerely held beliefs.

Health and Society

Resolution Supporting Unborn Life passed November 16, 2019

WHEREAS, Wyoming has failed to make San Francisco’s “No Travel” list of states that are strengthening protections for the unborn; and

WHEREAS, pro-life legislators are working hard to enhance Wyoming’s informed consent, reporting, waiting period and other statutes designed to prevent abortions in the state; and

WHEREAS, these legislators need to be assured that they have the support of Wyoming residents; now, therefore, let it be

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party will actively support pro-life bills and measures that come to the legislature and the legislators that bring them; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party will notify all its elected officials and health care providers that it demands that no abortions be performed and, finally; let it be

RESOLVED, that Wyoming shall be known as a Sanctuary State for the Unborn

Health and Society

Opposing Proposed Changes to Wyoming Department of Health Vaccination Requirements and Exemptions. Passed November 16, 2019

Whereas parents as the head of the family, are sovereign in all areas not specifically delegated by constitution to either the State or Federal government and therefore have authority to decide what is in their own and their children’s best interest and,

Whereas the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act protects vaccine manufacturers from design-defect claims resulting in what Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor called a “regulatory void” and “insufficient oversight over vaccine manufacturers” and,

Whereas, in 2018, The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program paid out $226,628,298.86 in injury compensation and,

Whereas Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, through an exhaustive study, concluded that iatrogenesis was the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States (iatrogenesis is defined as “the inadvertent and preventable induction of disease or complications by the medical treatment or procedures of a physician or surgeon”), now therefore let it be

Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes the changes in the vaccine schedule including the addition of more mandated vaccinations and further restricting allowable medical or religious exemptions policies being proposed by the Wyoming Department of Health. Be it further

Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes new mandatory reporting of immunization information by doctors to the Wyoming Department of health. Be it further

Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes access to the Department’s Immunization and Information System by outside individuals and entities as proposed in the new rules.

Health and Society

Providing Students a Healthful Environment       passed August 24, 2019

WHEREAS it is the school’s legitimate role to provide a safe environment for all students

WHEREAS it is critical to the health of public school students that schools and staff rely on accurate information regarding sexual orientation and gender confusion issues

WHEREAS it is essential to understand there is no scientific evidence that an individual is born “gay” or “transgender” 

WHEREAS adolescence is a time of upheaval and impermanence

WHEREAS adolescence experience confusion about many things, including sexual orientation and gender identity, and they are particularly vulnerable to environmental influences

WHEREAS when parents or others allow or encourage a child to behave and be treated as the opposite sex, the confusion is reinforced and the child is conditioned for a life of unnecessary pain and suffering

WHEREAS it is well established that there are high rates of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts, among gays and lesbians even in the Netherlands, where gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) relationships are far more socially acceptable

WHEREAS even children with Gender Identity Disorder (when a child desires to be the opposite sex) will typically lose this desire by puberty, if the behavior is not reinforced

WHEREAS rigorous studies demonstrate that most adolescents who initially experience same sex attraction, or are sexually confused, no longer experience such attractions by age 25

WHEREAS the life span of gay and bisexual men lose up to 20 years of life expectancy

WHEREAS declaring and validating a student’s same sex attraction during the adolescent years is premature and may be personally harmful, each year an adolescent delays self labeling, the risk of suicide alone decreases by 20%

WHEREAS even when motivated by noble intentions, schools can ironically play a detrimental role if they reinforce Gender Identity Disorder.   

BE IT RESOLVED that it is not the school’s role to diagnose and attempt to treat any student’s medical condition, and certainly not a school’s role to “affirm” a student’s perceived personal sexual orientation.

Crime and law

Resolution Supporting Protection from Unlawful Confiscation of Firearms Passed November 16, 2019

WHEREAS the Republican Party stands firm in its support of the great Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Wyoming, including the inviolate right to bear arms as spelled out therein, and;

WHEREAS prior administrations have attempted the confiscation of firearms, even from our veterans and senior citizens, and

WHEREAS possession of firearms is routinely banned by protective orders, often issued without sufficient evidence that a free citizen is in fact a danger to himself or others.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that no firearms may be confiscated, even temporarily, without conclusive evidence said person is an immediate danger to himself or others, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that every citizen shall be afforded the full protection of due process, including, but not limited to the right reasonable notice, to an impartial judge, to face his or her accusers, and to be represented by counsel, before any court orders the confiscation of lawful firearms, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Wyoming Legislature immediately enact legislation protecting the Constitutional rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and by Article 1, Section 24 of the Constitution of the great State of Wyoming.

Crime and Law

Opposing any Bill Against Vaping for Adults passed November 16, 2019

WHEREAS, vaporizing nicotine and non-nicotine liquids has been around for at least a dozen years; and

WHEREAS, “vaping” has proven to be a successful method utilized to quit smoking; and

WHEREAS, commercially prepared vaping liquids are far more safe than combustible or chewable tobacco products; and

WHEREAS, commercially prepared vaping liquids use safe, food-grade glycerol as a base; and

WHEREAS, the recent spate of “vaping illnesses” and “vaping deaths” all involve black market oil-based vape liquids laced with THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana; and

WHEREAS, nicotine is an addictive chemical, and while it is desirable that people avoid nicotine addiction, it is undesirable that the state attempt to control adult behaviors; now, therefore, be it;

RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes all government efforts to further restrict, tax, regulate or prohibit the use of vaping products and liquids by adults.


Crime and Law

Safeguard Against Money Laundering passed November 16, 2019

Where as currency is defined as something that is used as a medium of exchange

Where as in the Silk Road’s case when nefarious activity was exchanged for Bitcoin the US District Court under section 1956 upheld that Bitcoin qualified as “financial transactions”

Where as law enforcement officials have described money laundering—the process of making illegally obtained proceeds appear legitimate—as the “lifeblood” of organized crime

Where as over the past decade, money launderers have turned to a new technology to conceal the origins of illegally obtained proceeds: virtual currency like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple are digital representations of value that, like ordinary currency, function as media of exchange

Where as virtual currencies that are not issued or maintained by a central organization—makes them an attractive vehicle for money laundering

Where as an official from the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has similarly indicated that virtual currencies have been “exploited to support billions of dollars of suspicious activity

Where as virtual currencies have a number of features that make them attractive to criminals as money launderers have been attracted by the anonymity, lack of clear regulations, and the ease of transferring virtual currencies across international borders

Where as The Treasury Department’s 2018 Money Laundering Risk Assessment accordingly identified virtual currencies as a vulnerability in U.S. AML (anti-money laundering) efforts.

Where as the US House in March of 2019 passed H.R. 1414 which enables FinCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Network) to coordinate with foreign financial intelligence units on antiterrorism and AML (anti-money laundering) initiatives as a result of the unregulated, nefarious use of virtual currency

Whereas the purpose of getting a license to transmit money, either in fiat or digital form, is to help the states and federal government prevent money laundering and fraudulent activity when money is transmitted

Be it resolved that the Republican Party seeks to repeal the exemption of virtual currency from the Wyoming Money Transmitter Act and seeks to uphold the safeguard of the Money Transmitter Act on all forms of currency for the good of our state and our nation.

Crime and Law

Supporting E-Voter Driver’s License passed May 4, 2019

WHEREAS, the state of Wyoming has the responsibility to the citizens of Wyoming to ensure fair, honest elections, it is necessary that we secure our elections so that only eligible people are voting.   

WHEREAS, we believe that one unbiased way to help in this regard is to add the letter E. to eligible driver’s license.  Those whose driver’s license contains an E means they are part of the electorate and eligible to vote.    

WHEREAS, the driver’s license number is unbiased as it does not contain income, or ethnicity.    

WHEREAS, those who do not have a driver’s license can obtain a license that states for ID purposes only.    

WHEREAS, by showing an E-license when presenting oneself to vote it assures you are who you say you are, with your picture, and are eligible to vote with the E.  It also shows your residence which will ensure you are at the correct voting location.      

WHEREAS, when voting by absentee writing the number on the inside flap of the envelope containing the ballot again assures valid voter.  Running numbers on absentee ballots will require a computer program be available established to run license numbers on absentee ballots.    

WHEREAS, when a holder of an E-license moves out of state or dies the E-license will expire preventing fraudulent use by others of voting in their place and is usually surrendered when applying for a license in a new state.    

WHEREAS, Those driver’s license that do not contain an E does not discriminate against those persons because it does not contain any identifying information as to why no E such as whether the individual is below voting age, legal or illegal immigrant, or felon or temporary worker.  It simply omits the E.    

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports adding an E. to drivers’ licenses for eligible voters and that voters present this ID when they arrive at the polls to vote or request an absentee ballot.    

Crime and Law

Against Red Flag Gun Seizure passed August 24, 2019

WHEREAS the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution says, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed;”

WHEREAS the 2nd Amendment does not exist to give citizens the right to keep and bear arms, but, instead, the 2nd Amendment exists to prevent government from infringing on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms;

WHEREAS the definition of infringed reads, “to encroach upon in such a way that violates law or the rights of another;”

WHEREAS Article 1, Section 24 of the Constitution of the State of Wyoming states, “The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied;”

WHEREAS communities such as Chicago and Baltimore have the strictest gun control laws in the nation and consequently the highest murder rates;

WHEREAS Red Flag laws allow police to confiscate guns from any individual without due process, based on a claim of potential self-harm or other concern, requiring the owner of said guns to then spend thousands to prove innocence when presumed innocence is the baseline of our legal system;

WHEREAS Red Flag laws unnecessarily put law enforcement and citizens at risk with no basis or suspicion of a crime or guilt;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party opposes Red Flag gun laws in Wyoming

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes the consideration of gateway bills such as WY Bill 20LSO-0097, known as “Fix NICS.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party demands Election Legislators fulfill their oath of office and defend Wyoming citizens against the violation of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments of the Unites States Constitution and Article 1, Section 24 of the Constitution of the State of Wyoming by stopping any such proposed legislation from becoming law, and to nullify any such laws from being enacted in Wyoming.


Wind Energy and Taxation      passed September 8, 2018

WHEREAS the State prohibition on eminent domain for wind collector systems has expired, and the Wyoming Republican Party supports protecting private property rights;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports prohibiting the use of eminent domain for wind collection systems.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports making all taxes, including severance, for wind energy equivalent with mineral taxes.

The Wyoming Republican Party